This post is about one of the Colleges that is considered having one of the best ROIs . Till now there were no leaks about this given it's small batch and relatively less no of applicants (it has changed this year , as the number of students who have applied increased drastically) .


Placements :

1. Though placements figures are not as inflated as private B schools do , there is certainly a mismatch with actual figures.

2. Total 19 companies came for the Final placements , but still 20%+ batch is still unplaced . (Given the batch strength is just 30+).This is due to the   lazy attitude of the batch ,who sit with the feeling that they will definitely get placed for sure.

3. Summers are quite better than previous year and Junior team is working quite hard .

4. Many if the students join DFS with other aspirations in mind like Civils, SSC. It's because the fees is very low and very cheap hostel one can get(compared to PG outside) ,


Corporate Exposure :

 Though Corporate exposure is comparatively less , but still things are going in a better way .


Apart from the fees of RS 25000 for two years , there is a student body (AFCON)fund (for all the student activities including placements) of RS 40k-50k per year which is maintained and accounted for and remaining money is returned back (if any)


Administration isn't happy about the performance of Senior batch so they have increased the cutoff to 95.5% in CAT .


Admiration itself sometimes proves to be an obstacle for the AFCON body.



Don't take things for granted . Enhance the corporate image of the College . Start activities in the College (They are quite less compared to any other private B school). Train Students well for placements. Throw away the laid back attitude.





DFS STUDENT : Hi sir ! . Not all the things here true


A. Since the fees is 12K and we don't get any funding from outside, we have a separate student fund ( FMS/DBE/DSE) has it too, to manage the various corporate connect activities, since they are required to be conducted at lavish places.


B. Less Corporate Exposure is definitely not true, we already had atleast 10+ guest lectures with people from great companies in the last 10-15 days. Other corporate connect events happen as usual.


C. Placement is great if you're in the top 60% of the batch and  decent for the bottom 40% (which is the case with any other B school too ), we strive for good profiles and packages are a second priority.


D. People who joined for Civils or any other exams were kicked out of the college after 2 months, so you cannot take things for granted.


E. Sir very honestly, administration here majorly has a role in teaching only and not anything else, rest everything is managed by students only, so administration unhappiness is an irrelevant point.


F. DFS/SCMHRD/IMT : If sure about Finance then DFS without a doubt, we are a CFA affiliated college now with course similar to CFA ( not to forget CFA scholarships are there too ) , learning and managing CFA  gets easier, if not sure about Finance then SCMHRD (due to batch size), and DFS vs IMT, I would choose DFS again because of the small batch and ROI Factor.

And the attitude is not laid back for placements atleast, we are all here for good jobs so why would we compromise on that


BLEAKS: Point C : So From DFS - still students are not getting IBs Investment Banking  - What do you mean by good profile


Point D : What do you mean by kicked out


Point F : What special even 40 is a huge task for placement (and not a B School life but DU college)



C: There are IB roles from companies like SBI Capital Markets and a few others, good profiles would include : Equity Research ,  Credit Analyst,  Corporate Finance , Valuation etc etc

D: since they didn't give any test or exam - they were asked to withdraw, They didn't even have attendance too.

I won't deny on compromise on the B school life thing but again, peer to peer learning is there for sure, so a definition of a B-school life would be different for everyone

B LEAKS - Last three questions

1. For fresher - DFS or CAT 2018

2. For 24+ IT / Ops work ex.

3. Is DFS a good choice over other Like GLIM and IMI



1.  Sir that would actually depend on how you evaluate yourself and this is not just for this question, like this is what I really feel, if you  think you deserve better and have a great profile, go for a better option but yes DFS for freshers is equally good too, there are hardly 2-3 companies specifically for Work Ex people


2. IT people are there in out batch too, again depends upon interest towards finance, if that is there placement won't be a problem for sure.


3. DFS( Finance) > IMI / IMT ( Finance)

B LEAKS : Sorry for one more question :So why one should not join DFS and what you don’t like?


DFS STUDENT :  DFS: Focus towards Extra Curricular Activities is less to an extent. It is very difficult for people who are from non commerce background to directly be sure about finance as a specialization domain, I have seen people started disliking finance after a while. One Should not DFS if a person is looking for A great and Happening B school life ( like we chill too, but not that much )

Teachers here are experienced ( like seriously 25+ years), now that is good for learning but a certain pinch of Ego does come into play in their attitude too but again can't help it

I don't want people to be fooled or Misled and therefore just tried to be as honest as I can


B LEAKS : Big thanks - It would help many aspirants


So we found confession is more or less true – we suggest readers to read between lines