B Leaks : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 :  The pleasure is mine Sir. It’s a great initiative by you sir and hats off to you for pulling this out. I wish the same thing happens last year when we are facing the dilemma of which college to join.


We know GL is one of the best B-School of India. but please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles.


B Leaks : How’s life at GL ?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 :  The life in first 3-4 months here is very hectic as from morning till evening there are classes and then in night you have to submit assignments and group projects. And on Thursdays there are mandatory CCS guest lectures which you have to attend. In these months there is less time for other things like partying/booze or travelling. But as you enter the next phase of electives the life becomes very chill. There will be instances that for days there will be no classes. You will get lot of time to do other stuffs and then from Nov the placement fever starts, the early you get placed the more free time you will have.  Above all the life in Great Lakes is quite chill and relaxed.


B Leaks : Which is  the best stream of GL (IT , Fin , Ops or general MBA/PGP)


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : Best stream – Finance followed by Marketing.

                                                             Worst Stream – IT&OPS

There are 16 electives need to be chosen for specialization. For choosing 1 major you need to study 8 subjects and it is compulsory to do one major. For taking minor you need to choose 4 subjects. So there are multiple permutations some will do 2 majors, some will do 1 major +2 minors or some will do 1 major+1 minor+ mix of other streams. In my opinion ideal choice would be to choose Finance/Marketing as Major + Analytics as Minor and other subjects mix from OPS and other streams.


B Leaks : How’s finance and Ops domain of GL ? , Is it same as IT? In terms of classroom and placement?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 :  Some of the best faculties teaches you the finance subjects and there are good number of electives they offer under finance domain. The classroom learning is great in finance and in terms of placement mostly IT Finance techno functional roles where you need both finance as well as technical proficiency. If you happen to join GL and want to specialize in finance do not ever miss any class of Dr. R.L. Shankar( he is pure genius). Also what sir teaches is relevant and will keep you in a good stead of getting the placement.


Finance Courses that you must take – Financial Statement Analysis / Financial Modeling / Fixed Income Securities / Option, Future&Derivatives / Financial Risk Management / Financial Risk Analytics 1 / Entrepreneurial Finance.


Ops domain is the worst domain in terms of either classroom or placement. Not a single company who came here for Supply Chain or Logistics role. Even the faculties who teach are not that good. It’s a waste of time and effort in doing Ops specialization from here. Even if you still want to do some courses in Ops take

         1) Strategic Operations Planning by – Dr B.Natarajan

        2) Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Prof Bardinath Kidambi


The other problem with IT&Ops domain is that you will study the same concept again and again by different faculties and not a single company asks you more than basics in this which you will learn in your core terms.


B Leaks : It is believed that in 12-15months PGP course, acads is not important, but past profile. So students are not serious in class room study? Is it true for GL too??


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1: Its partly true and partly wrong. It’s true that acads is not that important than your past profile but some companies do ask your CGPA’s for filtering. This happens with me too my CGPA is 3.6 at the time the company came for recruitment and they have the criteria of 3.7 CGPA. But do not break your head over this as the counts of those companies are very less. Yes almost 90% of the companies do not look for your acads but your pre MBA profile. But it’s not that students are not serious as there are some great courses in Marketing and Finance which are capped courses and will be offered on the basis of your CGPA in first 3 terms.


B Leaks : In top B Schools, it is generally considered that IITians or students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. IS IT TRUE FOR GL too ?? Hows life for an average or below average students at GL ???


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : Yes it is true. Students hailing from premier colleges or having work ex from Big 4 consultancy firms will have definite advantage over a student having average profile but this happens only in consulting companies’ recruitment. And not too much consulting companies happen to visit Great Lakes. But I have seen in my current batch that if you are an ex-employee from the same firm they don’t even shortlist you.


B Leaks : What’s your take on  Life of an IT profile vs non IT profile in GL ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : If you have an IT profile you definitely have an advantage over non IT profile in terms of profile shortlisting during placements as I have already said that more than 80% companies are IT companies or IT related roles.


B Leaks : Is profile shortlisting and placement is a luck ??? (Since few unexpected profile is shortlisted and finally placed )


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : Profile shortlisting is partly luck and partly your pre MBA work ex and your profile. Exceptions are always there and yes this year too one of my batch mate who is from an event management pre MBA profile got shortlisted by Amazon for role of Operations Manager and finally got placed.


B Leaks : How’s 2 years course  GL in terms of  classroom , placement ? And how’s  other campuses of GL ?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : 2 years’ course in GL is not that great in terms of placement as the profiles that are offered are not that good as well as packages are very less. Since the same faculty who teaches in 1 year PGPM (flagship) course teaches the 2 year’s course so classroom learning is good.


The other campus of GL is in Gurgaon. The placement there is really bad. In their flagship 1 year PGPM course still 40 students left for the placements out of 120 students. Also the quality of the roles offered is not that good as they are offered in Chennai campus. But in terms of classroom teaching the faculty is similar. Same faculty who teaches in Chennai campus will teach in Gurgaon campus too.


B Leaks : Does it becomes difficult for people with weak profile to survive in GL??


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : There is nothing like weak profile but if you are from CORE side like oil and gas  explorations, hydrocarbon, construction or site engineer then your chances of making it to a shortlist are less. But you still got a job.


B Leaks :  According to you what is the ideal profile for GL


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : Ideal Profile for GL – 3- years of experience in IT and if it is in a BFSI vertical then it is a killing combination.


B Leaks : How’s placement of 2016 – 17 batch? Top 10 and bottom 10


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : Since mostly placement is based on your work ex and pre MBA profile and not so much on acads so answering this question would be difficult. What I can say is


Highest International Package – 51 Lakhs INR ( Tolaram Group – Joining Location – Lagos(Nigeria))

Highest Domestic Package – 20 Lakhs INR(Amazon)


And those who got these offers are neither from Top 10 or Bottom 10.

Placement this year saw a rise in the median package as well as average package and some new recruiters come too. IT recruitment hampers significantly as they haven’t recruit in great numbers this year due to Trump Fear.  Overall if I would say placements are better than previous year.


Median package this year will be around – 12.5 LPA+

Average package this year would be around – 13.2 LPA+


From a batch size of 398 students,  370 are already placed by now. Only 28 students are left and companies still visiting the campus. Out of 370 placed  - 130-140 will be placed by the end of Nov, 80-100 will get placed during the placement week in December, and the rest 30-40 get placed in Jan and Feb.


B Leaks : Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles? Since we have heard that placement / package is based on profile / work ex


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : It’s not true that placement policies are skewed towards people having strong profile offering them multiple choices. GL follow one offer per student policy i.e. you are entitled to get one job only from the campus. The package will be based on your numbers of work experience as what companies do is they have a fixed base package say 9LPA and additional 50,000 for per year of experience. So e.g. If you have 3 years of work ex then your package would be 9+50k*3 = 10.5 LPA.


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


Aspirant :  What are the opportunities available for people having 2-3 year of exp,


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : For less than 30 months of work experience opportunities will be less but for those having work ex of more than 30 months there are ample opportunities up for grabbing . They are eligible for shortlisting in almost every company based on their experience.


Aspirant : Is it possible change the domain ? I am from and IT dont want to go back to hard core it but open to managerial roles in IT.


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : If you are from IT and want to move into managerial roles in IT then this college is best option for you. Most of the IT profiles come here are Project Manager, Associate Manager, Team Lead, Business Analyst, Consultants etc. Out of these more than 50% are for Project Manager or Associate Manager Roles.


Aspirant : What would u chose between GLIM Chennai PGPM and XIMB HR (work ex it 28 months)


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 : GLIM Chennai PGPM hands down. Everything is better than XIMB HR, exposure , life , placement as well as faculties who teaches you. Faculties are here so great that you won’t find them in best of the best B schools.


Aspirant : How good is great lakes PGPM for a person with 2.8 years of work experience in IT?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 1 :  This is an ideal experience for someone to join Great Lakes and that too an IT experience. As more than 80% of the companies who came here for recruitment are IT companies offering business analysts and consultants role.


B Leaks : Please compare these set of colleges and answer which one is best  (in terms of RoI , exposure , stream wise, placement, life )

GL VS IMT – GL (placement and life)

GL Vs IMI – GL (exposure, placement and life)

GL Vs XIMB – GL (placement)

GL Vs TAPMI – GL (exposure, placement,life, ROI )

GL Vs NEW IIMs – New IIMs (exposure, placement, life)

GL Vs IIT – Kgp – IIT-KGP is similar to GL but in terms of exposure it is better than GL


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should join GL?



  • If your work ex is more than 30 months in IT and after MBA you want to join IT companies as business analyst/program managers/associate managers/consultants/pre sales team  then this will be  a great college to join.

  • If you are from TCS then opt for the sabbatical and join this college as TCS considers Great lakes in Tier 1 category and the compensation they offered is at par with the placements that you got here. But here is a caveat in this that you are not eligible to apply for any campus placement in IT companies. But if there are companies other than IT then you can sit for the placement. The greatest benefit is that if you opt for Sabbaticals you already have a job and the one year you spent in Great Lakes will also be considered as your experience.

  • The faculties here who are teaching Analytics/Marketing/Finance elective are really great and you will learn lot of new things from them.

  • The placements are good, exposure to different committees like PlaceCom, ConsultCom, Mélange, and Analytics where you could be part of them in organizing competitions, get great networking opportunities as there are lot of international conference being held in the campus.

  • The campus is really beautiful. The hostels are good , infrastructure is good like gym/music room/TT/ Carom/Snooker/Cricket/Football/Tennis grounds are there. The books will be provided by the college and the resource center has subscribed large number of databases where you can find journals/case studies.

  • The faculties are very cooperative here.  Especially the student faculty interaction is really great.

  • There are lots of clubs which students can join to pursue their hobby like Eclectics/Sports Club/Toastmasters Club/Photography/Music/Events club.


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join GL?



  • If your experience range is more than 48 months or less than 30 months then this college won’t be a good choice to join as there will be no significant improvement in your package as well as it might be difficult to get placed even as I have seen in my current batch.

  • If you want to move into FMCG sales or core finance roles then this college won’t be of any help as 80% of the companies who come here for recruitment is IT companies and offer techno functional role.

  • If you are from IT and looking to change your role from IT to some other domain like core finance jobs or sales jobs or consulting jobs then there are not many opportunities for you in this college. Do not expect any core finance job in 1 year program here.

  • The joining location for most of the jobs is Chennai only.( From a batch size of 400 , 200+ got their joining location as Chennai.) Rest got Bengaluru/Hyderabad. Some also got Mumbai/Pune.