B Leaks : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENTs :  The pleasure is mine Sir. It’s a great initiative by you sir and hats off to you for pulling this out. I wish the same thing happens last year when we are facing the dilemma of which college to join.


We know GL is one of the best B-School of India. but please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles.


B Leaks : How’s life at GL ?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Life in GL is very hectic for three months and completely opposite  for the remaining 4 terms, especially if one gets placed early.


B Leaks : Which is  the best stream of GL (IT , Fin , Ops or general MBA/PGP)


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Marketing (GL wants to be known for marketing) both for placements and learning Followed by finance ( learning purpose ).

As there is a system where once can take dual major so if someone takes Ops he /she must take marketing/Fin as other major

Having a single major as Ops followed by 1 or 2 minors is not at all recommended.

But your choice of major doesn’t affect placements  to a large extend as placement is mostly dependent on pre MBA work ex(domain in which one has worked ) and how relevant is your pre MBA work ex with the role being offered.


B Leaks : How’s finance and Ops domain of GL ? , Is it same as IT? In terms of classroom and placement?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2:  Ops is a strict no-no both in terms of learning and placement opportunities. In Gl,Ops & It together is one stream


In finance faculty is top-notch especially for electives  but roles offered are not specific to finance stream.


B Leaks : It is believed that in 12-15months PGP course, acads is not important, but past profile. So students are not serious in class room study? Is it true for GL too??



GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2: Yes ,it is true for most of the students barring a few ,so especially after 3 terms people don’t focus too much on class room learning and focus only on electives for which they have a liking.


B Leaks : In top B Schools, it is generally considered that IITians or students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. IS IT TRUE FOR GL too ?? Hows life for an average or below average students at GL ???


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : This is very difficult as I know


B Leaks : What’s your take on  Life of an IT profile vs non IT profile in GL ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : If you are from Non-IT background and remains unplaced even after placement week, then  be ready for a rough ride. 

Having said that  Non-It students gets placed way before IT students even in IT companies but a Non IT student will face more trouble as compared to IT one when the placement week has ended.getsHaving said that  Non-It students


B Leaks : Is profile shortlisting and placement is a luck ??? (Since few unexpected profile is shortlisted and finally placed )


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Luck plays a very important role .The other  important role is relevance of profile in terms of previous domain work experience with respect to the role offered. So having  a member of place com helps a loJ(like every bschool).


B Leaks : How’s 2 years course  GL in terms of  classroom , placement ? And how’s  other campuses of GL ?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : PGPM is the flagship course  so they obviously get better faculties, placements but PGDM is also picking up according to what I have heard especially  in marketing.



B Leaks : Does it becomes difficult for people with weak profile to survive in GL??


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : No, as most of the crowd have similar profile except some . every one survives and get out of GL with a job offer


B Leaks :  According to you what is the ideal profile for GL


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Someone with good acads and having a work ex in technologies which are  currently in demand in IT.  Its all depend on relevance of ones profile withnthe role being offered.


B Leaks : Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles? Since we have heard that placement / package is based on profile / work ex


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Yes, and it happens in most of the colleges .People with better grades  and relevant work ex with the role being offered will always have an upper hand. In GL once you have an offer you are then and there out of the process.


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


Aspirant :  What are the opportunities available for people having 2-3 year of exp,


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Opportunities are there but most of the companies give salary based on no of years of experience and  a few don’t. for eg in cognizant the difference is substantial for someone  with 34 and>36monthsof work ex.


Aspirant : Is it possible change the domain ? I am from and IT dont want to go back to hard core it but open to managerial roles in IT.


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Domain change happens for  very few (infact  many who got placed late managed to that).dont know what  is actually asked here(hardcore It ,managerial roles ).PM roles comes to Gl.


Aspirant : What would u chose between GLIM Chennai PGPM and XIMB HR (work ex it 28 months)


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : Depends whether one wants to  do HR or not and how good is HR of XIMB. 


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should join GL?


GL ALUMNUS/STUDENT 2 : If you have worked in IT services companies with work ex between 36 montsh-60 months  and you have not made into  top 12-13 ,then there are very few colleges for whom you can leave GL(including NM Mumbai core, SIBM,SCMHRD,XIMB,IMT..)


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join GL




1) If you don’t want to go  back to IT (very few out of total batch strength manages to achieve this)

2)  If you want proper fin /general management/FMCG roles then you will get disappointed(very few such roles come to GL as of now)