Leak : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

We know IIFT has few best placements in these days, please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


B Leak: How’s Life at IIFT ? First Year and Second Year Life ?


IIFT Student / Alumnus: Life at IIFT is mix of fun and learnings. First trimester would mostly be busy in PDP and preparations for Summer placements. Second and third trimester would be the time when elections for all PORs of clubs, cells, placecomm etc. and cultural activities will keep you busy. Apart from that corporate competitions will always be there, if anyone does not want to take part in those competitions, he will have ample time to have fun and explore the city. Fourth trimester is the time when you chose your majors and prepare your juniors for their summers. If you are not lucky enough to bag a PPO, your fifth trimester would be dedicated towards preparation for Final placements. Academic schedule is pretty hectic here and mandatory 80% attendance in each subject makes it difficult to miss a class. But still, most of studies is done only during end trimester exams.


B Leak: Social Responsibility is a part of your credit. Is it a burden , profile building and learning or Time Pass ? [ since you can’t force (make a credit) to do CSR activates ]


IIFT Student / Alumnus: It completely depends upon the students. The allotment for NGO is done based on student’s preference and his CGPA. If a student wants to seriously work and learn from a NGO he can opt for it. Prior to allotment, there is an interactive session with the NGO where they pitch themselves. The NGO interaction carries 3 credit and is included in the final results.



B Leak: IIFT is known as Madina for Trade . Is it a reality of just a Myth ?


IIFT Student / Alumnus: Yes, undoubtedly IIFT is the Madina for trade. All major trade companies visit IIFT for placements. You can easily find alumni of IIFT at top positions in any Trade company. Trade faculty is also extremely good.


B Leak: We have heard that being Profs and Administrative Dept of IIFT has sarkari attitude (Ho Jayega Attitude) – They are not student friendly. What’s your take on this 


IIFT Student / Alumnus: You can say that on the part of admin, but professors here are extremely professional. You can easily approach any professor for your doubt or any help related to corporate competitions.


B Leak: How’s internal faculty (Profs) and how’s guest lectures ? [in general students of B-Schools are not happy with 80% of internal Profs (80-20 Pareto Rules )


IIFT Student / Alumnus: Internal as well as Guest faculty here has a plethora of industry and academic experience. Also, they keep their teaching methodology up to date with the latest practices. Don’t know about the 80% rule, but IIFT tries to bring in the best professors only (Guest faculty if there is no internal prof available).


B Leak: One question is always asked .Is D=K ??? IIFT Delhi is same as IIFT Kolkata Campus. Please be honest in this answer (In the time of admission when one gets Kolkata then converted to Delhi – We say it up gradation, means Delhi seems to be better than Kolkata) What are the factors which create differences – if there is any.


IIFT Student / Alumnus: The only difference between IIFT D and K is its year of inception. Other than that, there is hardly any difference. Talking about the placements (most important for an aspirant), Kolkata students visit Delhi campus for Summer and Final placement. The process is completely transparent and each student is given a fair chance to get placed in his dream company. There were few companies which didn’t allow Kolkata to sit in their process due to 10yr old campus rule but the number has now remained to 3-4 only and which may be 0 from next placement season. If we see summer placement of 16-18 batch, there is a good mix of Delhi and Kolkata students getting placed in every company. Also, Kolkata batch got placed earlier than Delhi batch.


If you talk about Infrastructure, Delhi campus is 50 years old but is located at a prime location. Kolkata has a better infrastructure but is located in outskirts and has limitations of Exit/Entry timings.

IIFT Delhi has its own cultural fest, sports fest and business summit while Kolkata doesn’t have a cultural fest of its own as of now.


Faculty is almost the same. Many Delhi faculty fly to Kolkata to take classes and vice versa.


B Leak: Which stream of IIFT is better (Fin, Marketing, Ops, General Management others)


IIFT Student / Alumnus: IIFT has a good Finance, Trade and Marketing faculty (In no particular order). All major finance, trade and marketing companies visit for placements in IIFT. Operation, IT and Genman is average. If you seriously want to go in consulting domain, IIFT is not the place since very few good consulting companies visit for placements.


B Leak: IIFT does not have HR course (stream). Does it affect in placement ? [No alumni is in top HR team of any company)


IIFT Student / Alumnus: I don’t think so. IIFT has created its own brand in the industry and attracts all major companies for placements. Beside that you can easily find IIFT alumni at top CXO level position in any company.


B Leaks : In B-schools  it is generally considered that IITians or students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. IS IT TRUE FOR IIFT too ?? Hows life for an average or below average students at IIFT ???


IIFT Student / Alumnus: Yes, this is true for IIFT as well. Average and below average students have to really work hard and build their CVs and excel academically as well.


B Leaks : CGPA / GPA / Grad points are how much important for summers and Placement ??


IIFT Student / Alumnus: CGPA/GPA/Grad points are of least importance in Final placements. Only finance companies have a criteria of shortlisting based on CGPA. Otherwise, it hardly matters. Regarding summers, 85+% in 10th & 12th and above 75% in graduation is considered a good profile.


B Leaks :  Importance of work ex to non work ex in IIFTs ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


IIFT Student / Alumnus:  Some company prefers workex and some prefers freshers. Once you get a shortlist, it hardly matters inside the interview room whether you have work ex or not. I have seen freshers getting better roles than the work ex people.


B Leaks :   Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles?


IIFT Student / Alumnus: IIFT follows the policy of one student one offer. So once they are placed, people with weak profile get ample shortlists. Apart from this, the shortlisting is done solely by the companies and PC team plays no role in it. However PC team do push candidates suitable for that profile.


B Leak: Hows summers and placement of IIFT. (If you have data then please share)


IIFT Student / Alumnus: Please refer to the data available on the website. International packages skew the placement figures a little to the higher side. The domestic average package remains around 16-17 LPA and median around 16 LPA.


B Leak: IIFT releases (ed) placement data. It is presumed that placement data is first beautified then released ? [ In data it is maximum CTC  not the actual – Max CTC includes maximum bonus and other expenses to company]


IIFT Student / Alumnus: No, IIFT placement reports are audited and the report on the website is the actual placement data. The placement data includes CTC offered to the candidate by the company during placements and international package as well.


B Leak: IIFT Delhi does not have a good infra (compare to its own league of B-School – campus). So young generation feels it is not a good B-School, and not have a great life. What do you think, IIFTian (Delhi) miss the B-School life ?


IIFT Student / Alumnus: Owing to the small batch strength of 160 students, IIFT Delhi campus has comparatively better infrastructure than many B-schools. IIFT D has a 50 years old campus, so it does requires a little renovation and up-gradation. Few students have to stay in a hostel which is around 600m from the campus. The hostel allotment is done on the basis of IIFT entrance marks.

If you talk about college culture, IIFT Delhi has an edge over IIFT-K. The center head of IIFT K is a sadist person and maintains regulations even worse than that of a residential school. Apart from that, the clubs and cells of both the campuses keep the campus lively with their regular events.



B Leak: IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata are step brother of a same parent. Do you treat students of other campuses as step brother, and dont want to share placements seats with each other.


IIFT Student / Alumnus: In today’s world, there is cut throat competition to get into your dream company. So it’s human nature to have a little healthy competition among your peers. Both the campus students have friends in each campus and there is no such step brother treatment to IIFT K students.


B Leak: It is found that 3+ (years) is not an ideal profile for companies (in short listing a profile). Is it the same case in IIFT too ?


IIFT Student / Alumnus: Yes, it is same case in IIFT too. People with workex greater than 3 years have a hard time getting a shortlist. But there are few companies like Google, PWC etc. which prefers people with workex more than 3 years.


B Leak: What is the ideal profile for IIFT ?


IIFT Student / Alumnus: There is no such ideal profile for IIFT. People from diverse background and profiles have made it big in the past and continues to do so. It is just about the opportunities and IIFT provides ample opportunities to achieve your dream career. Although students from IITs, NITs and workex less than 24 months have a little edge over others with respect to shortlists.


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


Aspirant 1  Question: Is there any discrimination done in terms of placements between delhi nd kolkata students...quora is full with views on either sides..if not why does the placement Cv form contain the kolkata nd delhi stamps to show the recrutiers who are from delhi and who are from kolkata?

Aspirant 2  Question: I want the realistic comparison between IIFT Kolkata and Delhi. Media members of IIFT always say that there is no disparity in placements, but I've seen many users on pagalguy as well as quora trying to tell the truth that iift kolkata's students are given secondary treatment in placements. Is this true? And how is life at IIFT as a college.


IIFT Student / Alumnus:  Yes, many questions has been raised in the past regarding disparity in placements between IIFT K and D. It may be true in the past but I didn’t see much difference during my placement. I too feel that placement committee can do away with the logo thing and keep the standard IIFT logo only as it creates doubt in the mind of the recruiter. There are few companies (<5 out of ~100 companies visiting) which still does not allow IIFT K to sit in their summer placement process. But for a candidate with average profile shouldn’t be bothered about that as the chances of getting shortlist with those company is low for them even if they belong to Delhi campus.


The Delhi students do have an edge in placements as the process is conducted in their own campus and many Kolkata students visit Delhi for the first time in their life. Also, Kolkata students are made to live in a very depressing place in a lodge in Yusufsarai.


In my opinion, the infamous qoura post is really hyped.


Aspirant  Question:  What are the difficulties one is likely to face because of low undergraduation score (53%), and what should be done to overcome it so that it doesn't affect Summers and finals? (since IIFT has history of admitting students with not so great acads, how do the students who get selected fare during placements, are there ample of opportunities and shortlists available?)


IIFT Student / Alumnus : Low under graduation score may create a problem for getting shortlists during summers, especially for IT workex & GEM. As it is very little time in campus before summers, so a student need to have excellent extra-curricular record. Apart from this, a good communication skills i.e. GD/PI skills is a must as the number of opportunities would be limited for those students.

For finals, low under graduation marks doesn’t make a lot of difference if you have worked hard on your CV.


Aspirant  Question: Consulting opportunities , how to get Into big4 through case competition from here.


IIFT Student / Alumnus : IIFT is not known for consulting. There are very few good consulting companies (mentioned in placement report) visiting the campus and case competitions from only those companies open for IIFT.


Aspirant  Question:

i) Prospects for someone with more than 2 years IT work experience at IIFT? What roles can one expect to get after an MBA from IIFT?

ii) Would it be advisable to go for finance specialization after more than 2 years work experience in an IT company? Would it be difficult to get jobs in finance and marketing specializations and hence just stick to general management and consultancy roles?


IIFT Student / Alumnus:

i) It would be difficult to get shortlist on initial days of placement season. If you have any inclination towards a specific company or role, you will have to build your CV in that manner. Experience less than 24 months is ideally suited in IIFT. But again, it all depends upon a student’s CV, many companies also shortlist students based on their past experience domain. For example, students having an IT client experience in BFSI or telecom, may get a shortlist from a BFSI or telecom company.

ii) If you want to specialize in finance with more than 2 years’ experience, it is better to get CFA (atleast level 2) certification done.


B Leak : Please  compare – IIFT Vs SP JAIN, IIFT Vs MDI, IIFT Vs NM , IIFT Vs New IIMs , IIFT Vs SIBM, IIFT Vs SCHMRD , IIFT Vs IIT Mumbai


IIFT Student / Alumnus: IIFT>>NM, New IIMs, SIBM & SCHMRD. IIFT, SPJAIN, MDI and IIT Mumbai are of similar level. The comparison is in terms of the placements, ROI and campus life.


B Leaks : A decent acads (85+ ) and 97%ile in CAT (as appearing candidate – not cleared Graduation) ; whats your suggestion – IIFT or CAT 2017


IIFT STUDENT / ALUMNUS: If you have the confidence to get 99+%ile, then surely go for CAT 2017.


B Leak : 36+ months IT work ex ??? What’s your suggestion, should he join IIFT or GREAT LAKES and other B-schools?


IIFT STUDENT / ALUMNUS:  It would be difficult to get shortlist on initial days of placement season. But placecomm will ensure ample chances for you to get placed in high paying companies. If you have any inclination towards a specific company or role, you will have to build your CV. (Get PORs, get relevant certification, live projects, be the topper of your batch etc.). The scenario is same in other B-schools as well.

Don’t know specifically about Great Lakes.


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should join IIFT ?


IIFT STUDENT / ALUMNUS:  There are thousand reasons to join IIFT. But one should consider his interests and future career plans only before making any decisions.


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join IIFT ?


IIFT STUDENT / ALUMNUS:  If you have a call from BLACKI, you should not consider IIFT at all.


Thanks for your time :)