B Leak: First of All thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

We know IIFT has few best placements in these days, please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


B Leak: How’s Life at IIFT? First Year and Second Year Life?


First Year -: The first three months are tough. We have classes 8 hours a day coupled with sessions taken by seniors to prepare us for summer placements. Post summer placements, you get acquainted to the busy academic schedule and can easily take out time for competitions and other activities. Second Year-: Increase in number of classroom hours even extending to weekends but enough time to focus on other competitions and cultural activities.


B Leak: Social Responsibility is a part of your credit. Is it a burden, profile building and learning or Time Pass? [Since you can’t force (make a credit) to do CSR activities]


It purely depends upon the individual. Some students make an arrangement with NGO to work-from-home and go back to their hometown (Since NGO stint is around Christmas), while some work diligently. The program director is very particular about the scores you get from NGO’s so, you can’t ignore it.


B Leak: IIFT is known as Medina for Trade. Is it a reality of just a Myth?


If you are looking for a career in Trade, IIFT is the place for you. All the major Trading organizations (ABCD of Trade) hire from IIFT in summers as well as finals. Trade faculty is indeed the best amongst all the professors since they work as consultants in real time.

B Leak: We have heard that being Profs and Administrative Dept. of IIFT has sarkari attitude (Ho Jayega Attitude) – They are not student friendly. What’s your take on this? 


Not really. In fact, the professors are really friendly barring a few but are always welcoming if you need any help. As far as the admin is concerned, no one from our batch faced any problem from them.


B Leak: How’s internal faculty (Profs) and how’s guest lectures? [In general students of B-Schools are not happy with 80% of internal Profs (80-20 Pareto Rules)

I don’t know the ratio (internal: external faculty) but we have a good mix. First year subjects are usually taught by our professors (Delhi + Kolkata) but we have external faculties taking many subjects {(30-40%), (especially related to finance)} in the second year.


B Leak: One question is always asked .Is D=K??? IIFT Delhi is same as IIFT Kolkata Campus. Please be honest in this answer (In the time of admission when one gets Kolkata then converted to Delhi – We say it up gradation, means Delhi seems to be better than Kolkata) What are the factors which create differences – if there is any.

Infrastructure : IIFT Kolkata is better than Delhi since it is a new campus with better hostel facility (single rooms vs triple sharing in Delhi), better classrooms and facilities (laundry etc.)

Location: IIFT Delhi is better. IIFT K campus is at a far off location with limited transport facility. (You have to rely on OLA/Uber for transportation and language is a problem.)

Campus Life -: IIFT Delhi is better. IIFT Delhi has an established culture whereas Kolkata is still finding its feet. No restrictions in Delhi whereas a whole lot of restrictions are imposed on students of Kolkata Campus as the campus head is really strict and has a certain set of rule ( entry timings, dress codes- only business casuals allowed in class etc.) but in recent years, student body in Kolkata has taken up initiatives to lighten up the campus life.


Placements: IIFT DELHI is better. There are certain number of companies (around 5-10) which doesn’t allow/favor Kolkata students. The number varies every year but is on a decline (can be 2-3 this year). But to say, Kolkata students get even opportunities as Delhi students is a pure lie. The reason is unknown but it is surely not that Kolkata campus isn’t 10 years old (as it has already surpassed 10 year mark).  

Having said that, I do confirm that on a whole Kolkata isn’t faring bad as compared to IIFT Delhi. The summer placements of the current batch is comparable to Delhi or even better in some cases and one will surely get enough opportunities to crack good brands even in K campus. 

B Leak: Which stream of IIFT is better (Fin, Marketing, Ops, General Management others)


In terms of offers in summers/finals -:
Marketing and Finance stands out followed by Trade. Operations, General Management and Strategy roles are very few.


B Leak: IIFT does not have HR course (stream). Does it affect in placement? [No alumni is in top HR team of any company)


Yes, it does have an effect. I can’t comment on the magnitude of this but many organizations goes to comparable institutes because of strong alumni base of HR managers.


B Leaks: In B-schools it is generally considered that IITians or students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. IS IT TRUE FOR IIFT too?? How’s life for an average or below average students at IIFT???


It is definitely true. Students from premier institutes get more number of chances as compared to an average student. Moreover, best companies on campus tend to favour/ shortlist people from IITs/SRCC/CBS/NITs and people having experience in blue chip organizations.

For an average student, the chances in top corporations are limited as he/she seldom gets shortlist in the top companies on campus but get ample chance to convert a decent paying job.

For a below average students (low academic score- 50%/60%) it is really hard to get into a good corporation. They have to work extra hard to crack competitions or convert open processes else they are stuck till the end of the placement process as they don’t get much shortlists in the beginning.


B Leaks: CGPA / GPA / Grad points are how much important for summers and Placement??


No, CGPA does not have much importance. Barring 1-2 organizations, no organization demands high CGPA.


B Leaks:  Importance of work ex to non-work ex in IIMs??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


Prior work experience doesn’t make much difference.
Few top-notch organizations (Investment Banks/FMCG) come specifically for freshers and few organizations demand a certain amount of work-ex (Gen Man/Consulting/IT).

B Leaks:   Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles?


I have already answered this question above. It is not about the placement policies but the shortlisting criteria of organizations. Moreover, there is no cap on number of shortlists/person.


B Leak: How’s summers and placement of IIFT. (If you have data then please share)


Summers and Final placement data is available on the website. It is audited but
the data includes -:
1) All components such one-time bonuses (Joining bonus etc.). It is the CTC
2) the Average Package is skewed because of international offers (1 crore packages). The actual domestic package is less. I don’t have the data for the same but it must be around 15-16 (+1/-1)
3) No median package is given and I think no one has a clue


B Leak: IIFT releases (ed) placement data. It is presumed that placement data is first beautified then released? [In data it is maximum CTC not the actual – Max CTC includes maximum bonus and other expenses to company]


Refer to the above question


B Leak: IIFT Delhi does not have a good infra (compare to its own league of B-School – campus). So young generation feels it is not a good B-School, and not have a great life. What do you think, IIFTian (Delhi) miss the B-School life?


Both the campus are small as compared to IIMs. They both are around 8-9 acres. There are limited sports facilities (no ground, no courts). Apart from sports facilities, everything seems to be fine.


B Leak: IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata are step brother of a same parent. Do you treat students of other campuses as step brother, and don’t want to share placements seats with each other.


I don’t think students of both the campuses have any hard feelings. It has been more than 12 years since IIFT K is in existence. So, no harsh feelings amongst both the campuses. Moreover, recently there have been a lot of inter campus activities.

B Leak: It is found that 3+ (years) is not an ideal profile for companies (in short listing a profile). Is it the same case in IIFT too?


Yes, to an extent as lateral placements are not good in IIFT so people having 3+ years of work ex might not find the offers lucrative. Although, companies offering Gen Man/ consulting prefer people with high work ex.


B Leak: What is the ideal profile for IIFT?


Good Academic Record (90/90/80) and graduation from a premier institute will give a candidate plethora of shortlists in top profiles. Work-ex not a criteria.


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions):


Aspirant 1 Question: Is there any discrimination done in terms of placements between Delhi and Kolkata students...quora is full with views on either sides. If not why does the placement CV form contain the Kolkata and Delhi stamps to show the recruiters who are from Delhi and who are from Kolkata?

I have answered the first part of the question above.


A lot of debate has been done over the logo on CVs. No significant justification is given but as for now, logo will be there. But, it doesn’t make much of a difference because almost every organization knows about K campus and is ready to take students from K as well (barring 5-6 organizations and things are improving). So no discrimination barring 6-8 organizations and the number has been decreasing (1-2 years ago the number was above 10-15).


Aspirant 2 Question: I want the realistic comparison between IIFT Kolkata and Delhi. Media members of IIFT always say that there is no disparity in placements, but I've seen many users on pagalguy as well as quora trying to tell the truth that iift Kolkata’s students are given secondary treatment in placements. Is this true? And how is life at IIFT as a college.


Answered above


Aspirant Question:  What are the difficulties one is likely to face because of low under graduation score (53%), and what should be done to overcome it so that it doesn't affect summers and finals? (Since IIFT has history of admitting students with not so great acads, how do the students who get selected fare during placements, are there ample of opportunities and shortlists available?)


Yes, it will be difficult as I have explained earlier.

  1. Cracking corporate competitions

  2. Chances to crack top profiles will be limited so need to perform exceptionally well

  3. Make your profile strong through certifications, live projects etc.


Aspirant Question:

i) Prospects for someone with more than 2 years IT work experience at IIFT? What roles can one expect to get after an MBA from IIFT?

Less than 2 years’ work-ex (around 18 months) is an ideal work ex in IIFT. But considering your profile, you will get opportunities in IT consulting and few good marketing/finance (at least CFA level 1) profiles.


ii) Would it be advisable to go for finance specialization after more than 2 years’ work experience in an IT company? Would it be difficult to get jobs in finance and marketing specializations and hence just stick to general management and consultancy roles?


If you want to specialize in finance with more than 2 years’ experience, it is better to get CFA (at least level 2) certification done.


B Leak: Please compare – IIFT Vs. SP JAIN, IIFT Vs. MDI, IIFT Vs. NM, and IIFT Vs. New IIMs, IIFT vs. SIBM, IIFT vs. SCHMRD, IIFT vs. IIT Mumbai



SP Jain > IIFT

MDI=IIFT (MDI just overtakes IIFT because of marketing/consulting profiles and better campus life)


IIFT>IIT B (except supply chain and operations)

B Leaks: A decent acads (85+) and 97%ile in CAT (as appearing candidate – not cleared Graduation); what’s your suggestion – IIFT or CAT 2017

Age is on your side so try to get 99+ in the next attempt in CAT 2017.


B Leak: 36+ months IT work ex??? What’s your suggestion, should he join IIFT or GREAT LAKES and other B-schools?


Great Lakes or B-schools having good lateral placements will be better.


B Leaks: Give me few reasons one should join IIFT?

Negation of the next question. I don’t want to give any GAS so if IIFT is your best call and you are not willing to give another attempt join IIFT.


B Leaks: Give me few reasons one should not join IIFT?

If you have a call from IIM A/B/C/L/K, SP Jain, FMS, XLRI, ISB, MDI (marketing/consulting).


Thanks for your time :)