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What’s your take on IIFT Delhi Vs Kolkata We heard placements are almost same & both are working together?



It is a true news. If you have a good profile and have worked hard for interviews, nobody is stopping you. But few companies only came for Delhi campus.


Any other visible discriminations during placement?


I won't consider it as discrimination, but due to the centralized Placement process, they have to travel to Delhi and have to bear traveling cost. An extra expenditure.


So we can say, it is same as two campuses of ISB, but both are at par.


Yes and No both at a time. Last year and last to last year, due to some clashes and "Thanks to Bleaks (sarcasm)" students didn't join Kol campus. 


But we presented the real picture.


I am not saying B Leaks did right or wrong. That might be the demand of the time. But now the difference is mainly "PERCEPTUAL". 

Except for few points - If a company is visiting on short notice - they have to come via flight - which might increase their cost.


I think this is all due to a mutual understanding of committees and clubs of both the campuses. And we hope it will continue.


So any point on - one should not join IIFT.


Why not IIFT -

  • 2 hours long classes

  • Not so very good faculty

  • Use of unfair means in examination

  • Expensive affair considering 18-20 lacs fees and other incidental expenses


Everyone is blaming Profs, but we heard students are not serious towards learning, they only want an easy life and best placement.


True, placement seems to be more important than learning. I think nothing bad in this. We have taken a loan, so we have to think for placements. I am not saying learning is not important but, we have to think rationale. 


IIFT admin has govt mindset - chalta hai attitude. You, people, can do wonders - with govt projects and research,  but opted for  - easy life and placement


Students are doing govt projects. but these projects seldom help us in getting decent jobs in corporate and govt has no jobs. So it is an incentiveless project. I hope you can understand what I am saying. 


Yes, we are getting your points.


The last question - arrange in descending order - as per your perception IIFT D ; IIFT K ; MDI ; SCMHRD ; SIBM and NM

You can use =


Sir, wait for the final placement result, and you are in better position to answer this since you know all insides better than anyone.


Thanks :) But you passed my question


I think, All depends on the profile. 


Thanks for your time.


22nd - 23rd Dec 2017





Disclaimers: Combined 3 responses




What’s your take on Delhi Vs Kolkata?


There is hardly any difference between two campuses now..even in terms of placements both get equal opportunities and both Delhi and Kolkata PC’s are working together only...


There were few incidents of clashes among our super senior PCs but this year there was hardly any such incident.


And there were two PCs who got placed on day zero or day one..so the question of pushing only their CVs is gone.





Yeah scenario is good compared to the last year



But there are still 20-30 students left to be placed


We heard few companies were/are only coming to Delhi campus?


Two companies hired only from Delhi.



Where did placements happen - in Kolkata or Delhi?


Placements happened in Delhi only.


So you people have to travel, and who bears the cost.



Yes, Kolkata students stay in Oyo rooms nearby Delhi campus. 


Hotel rent and food is paid by the college. We need to take care of travel from Kolkata to Delhi.


So this is a hidden cost apart from Fee?


Yes, one can consider this. 


Anything you want to say - Negative about campus - Anything- why not to join IIFT


The race is now more towards getting placements..Academically quality of teachers is degrading..even students elect those subjects for which teachers are not strict..that was the reason many good electives didn’t open for us...


Reason - not open to you ??? Credit system ???



There are approx 40 electives from which one needs to chose 10 for their final year...but if the total number of students opting for that elective is greater than 30..then only it is taught 


So, students didn’t choose tough papers, did they?


Yes they tend to choose simple subjects, Or the ones with not so strict prof


So an MBA becomes easy life and good placements?


Yes more like a placement agency. Everybody expects above average placements without any hard work.


True for almost all campuses




IIFT admin has govt mindset - "chalta hai attitude"

Students can do wonders - with govt projects and research, But they choose - easy life and placement.


Yes, you can say that. There is no support even in placements from admin or professors


Last question - arrange in descending order - as per your perception IIFT D ; IIFT K ; MDI ; SCMHRD ; SIBM and NM

You can use =




There is not much difference in MDI or IIFT...It’s just perception among the companies I would say that they prefer MDI over IIFT



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22-23rd Dec 2017

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