B Leaks: First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

What’s your suggestion for a fresher? Admission in IIM or defer admission for one year, get industry exposer (work ex) and then join.


IIM B Student / Alumnus: Of course admission


B Leaks: Life of a non-IITian vs IITian in IIMs ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


IIM B Student / Alumnus: It depends on profile and luck. IITians are favored everywhere. NiT and other colleges are clubbed together. Not much difference. IIMB has less IT junta (student) since cat score is given less importance.

An IITian must have worked in a good company after his undergrad. Also, IITians know the Nuances of resume preparation beforehand and the concept of day 0 1 2 etc. That helps them a lot. Also, many companies have IIT alumni.


Leaks : Importance of work ex to nonwork ex in IIMs ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


IIM B Student / Alumnus: It has too much importance in B. Whole lateral placement concept is based on work ex only. But freshers have their share of good companies, like Finance and Mktg ones. If you lose out then you have to wait till last day coz..in between work ex-guys get placed.

Day 0 - Finance, Consultancy 

Day 1- Marketing,  Gen Management  

Day 2- Tech IT and some other small consults start ups

Day 3 – start-ups and low paying companies


Leaks : Please share your views on IIM A , B & C ? For which profile, which one is better ?


IIM B Student / Alumnus: I always go for A>B>C  

But now I think B is good. B is less hectic than A and 2 nd year is good but yes Not as chill as C. And yes hardly 2-3 people fail.

In 1st year. Rules are less stringent and Bangalore as a place is better. Placecom is student friendly. Even 2016 pass outs who suffered because of companies like  AskMe bazaar  hopscotch etc... were given another chance to appear this year’s placement. There is hardly any difference between A & B. 


I have seen many- left A and joined B though the vice versa is also true and more prominent. 


In one of the batch 45 left A to join B and 77 left C to join B, but 84 left B to join A. The number is less if we compare B and C.


Most join B. though there is hardly any difference between the institutions. 


But I would go with the trend..A>B>C.


PS: Average profile guys prefer C because C has less weightage to profiles and, People have better chance to get into good companies. But that might not be true for all batches and for all years. I have seen people at B crying after summers coz their friend at XLRI got into RB while they got into an average company. But in finals and laterals, placement makes it (B) different (in a positive way).


In XLRI  (18 around) remained unplaced even after final placements last year. So it depends.


B LEAKS : IIM A/B/C or ISB ???


IIM B Student / Alumnus  : A>B>C… can’t compare ISB.  ISB might be better For people having work ex more than  5 years.

But with so many students nothing is sure.


Leaks : Is profile shortlisting and placement a luck ??? (Since few unexpected profile is shortlisted and finally placed)


IIM B Student / Alumnus: Hmm ..Luck yes.. and no both . Good profiles always get placed. At B everyone shows his/her score during placements. GPA is a big factor here. I have seen people from local govt college who got into DMLs (Director's Merit List) and then have gotten into McKinsey in finals. You don’t have profile den You must have GPA. Luck will always play a part anyways


B Leaks : Does it becomes difficult for people with a weak profile to survive in IIMs??


IIM B Student / Alumnus  : No, everyone struggles. Weak profiles also get placed in average companies

But in good profiles. Yeah you might not get what you expect but you definitely get something good.



B Leaks : Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles?


IIM B Student / Alumnus: There is no policy as such. But companies prefer the best. If you are an employer

You would hire the best talent available. Companies are graded into 5 categories S A B C D E.

So if you crack a lower category company you are given some chances to crack top ones. That is given to all people.


B LEAKS : A is better only due to branding of A or there are any other reasons too


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMUNS: I think branding till date and A and C have a 12 year advantage over B. C came in 1961, A in 1963 and B in 1973. So most CEOs and VPs are from A C XL ...but B has caught up with them recently.

But for experienced guys B is a better place, some companies come for profiles which required more than 55 months job ex, so they can go to ISB or can come to B. (though 3-4 people have such huge experience)

Same companies visit everywhere, but again they are affected by branding and alumni.

B gets a lot of students placed in Consulting C in finance, but some companies are specific to one institute.

B has Blackstone Group,

A has something C had World Bank some years ago


B LEAKS: But these companies are not for all. They want special profiles.


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS: Yes, Blackstone will take IITians or CA (mostly) with gold medals, because they can judge where intelligence is. [no offense]. They need people who can work for many hours. and that too with high efficiency.

It’s not ki normal people are not intelligent, but IITians have a proven record, they have already cracked IIT JEE, and as I mentioned good undergrad and a good company before MBA with lot of activities for resume during undergrad works.



B LEAKS : YES Just a notional intelligence with proven history, but 4+2 years change a coal (non IITian) to diamond


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS: Yes, but advantage will always be there. Because normal colleges don’t have such big fests or events as compared with IITs, extracurricular activities are also plenty at IITs, even if you have done nothing  write Mood Indigo J



B LEAK : One important question - Work Ex in ground or work ex on paper - which one is important (I hope you are getting my point )


 IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  - On paper, yes on paper is important. Worst CVs can be manipulated. People put analytics in place of analysis.

But B has GMAT junta as well and with stellar profiles. Most get into consulting. Their path is like - IIT then US MS den work for 5 years den IIM B den McKinsey/BCG/Bane


B LEAK : So, overall students in B are bettering (mature ) than A ???



IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS - Never compared, No I guess people with job exp might be mature, but I have seen people fighting over notes (he was IITian with 54 month job ex in a PSU), so it depends, some freshers are more mature than job ex guys


B LEAKS - Yup it's relative


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  - So we are taught this... When someone asks you a question, and you start with "It depends" and then present all sorts of scenarios then you are an MBA. Nothing is black or white. We find all kinds of characters in an IIM, and in 1st two terms are where the worst things come out. High pressure kind of situation and competition for summers,

And then relative grading makes this worse.


B LEAKS : Do you justify your MBA- Learning (apart from salary hike n profile)


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  : It’s only for learning I guess. Because my friends in IT are earning good salaries. Some are getting more than me.


B LEAKS : It’s your reply or reply of an alumnus of B


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  :- Mine, Salary will increase anyways.

I get something now and I switch its level.

Profiles will also matter. Some people have joined some well known company and they made them inspect visas of immigrants, they had hired them for financial consultant roles, but some are simply scanning audit reports.

People run after high salaries offered by start-ups and then end up nowhere. We saw good placements in B but I think few batches and current batch dint get, well this is a leak den.


B LEAKS : I have heard a story of “Sufferers Of IIMB , what is all about.

 IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  :-  From where you get this sir.


B LEAKS : I think it was an effect of decision of few profs. In which Profs considered first acads then placement and screwed the whole placement. Day 0 is 0 and not a great placement story all together. Is it a true story ?


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  :- Sir, I don’t want to comment on this. But profs always think for us, sometimes result of decision may be wrong or worst.



B LEAKS : You are playing safe  . Does placement cycle ABC, BAC, and other combinations affect placement. Of delay in placement could have better or poor placement results?


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  : In general A B C conduct placements around same time. Once some director or VP comes for recruitment he has to take leave, travel to India then travel to A B C in a week and gets his recruits, but if you delay or not in tandem then it could affect in the negative way.

But again placements wise B has always performed at par or even better than A. Since location is a great factor.


About placement cycle- I have heard, but generally doesn't matter if they conduct in quick 2-3 weeks.


B LEAKS : But what I think if A & C started in Feb and B is conducting in March, it means authorities are killing the talent. Isn’t it ? What’s your take?


IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  :  Placement of B is good, this year market is not good for all. But I always want placement should be best for students, since they have taken loans. And authority should also respect this fact. 



B LEAKS : I think you don’t want to answer,  please answer Kya B me bhi placecom profile push krti hai - (general seen in other B Schools). yea placecom ka koi role nhi


 IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  :  It is everywhere. They push (better word is influence for) profiles of their close ones.


B LEAKS : Clubs n committees are important or GPA


 IIM B STUDENT / ALUMNUS  :- GPA, always GPA in B. In many IIMs they don't show GPA so extracurricular matters. But in B its GPA which matters after profile.

But I would like to add, it also depends upon the culture if company and B-School.  

FMS ka banda FMS se hire karega toh woh bhi chill hoga..and he must have known what the culture of the college is...he will find people accordingly.

B ka alumnus ko pata hoga what carries importance in B


Leaks : Ohke my last question - Why one should not join IIMs ???


IIM B Student / ALUMNUS  : If you are sure to pursue MBA from abroad or from ISB. Either your job ex is high or your current salary is high then you can ditch IIMs.

One of my friend (an engineer too) cracked IIM K. But his current salary (then was 35 lpa in OLA cabs) was on the higher side and he had 6 years of start-up experience. So he ditched.


B LEAKS : Big Thanks for your time and honest answers, It would help all aspirants. Thanks & we wishing you al the best for all your future endeavors.


IIM B Student / ALUMNUS  : Thanks...!!


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