B Leaks : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

 What’s your suggestion for a fresher? Admission in IIM or defer admission for one year, get industry exposer (work ex) and then join.


IIM C Student/Almnus : I had a decent work-ex of 2.5 years before I joined IIM C. Though there is a healthy mix of people belonging to the different educational background and work experience at Joka, I think it is better to have a prior work-ex before you take the plunge into the management world. A prior work-ex goes a long way in keeping check on the anxiety level, it also gives a lot of valuable cv points and in general, having some work-ex broadens one’s mind on how to deal with people, work in an organization and other such necessary soft skills.


If you are a fresher, I would suggest you to get one-year work-ex before getting admission into an MBA college. It will help you in Laterals too.


Leaks :  Life of a non-IITian vs IITian in IIMs ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting 


IIM C Student/Almnus : If you want to join the Big 4 consultancy firms and the reputed Fin firms, having an IIT degree helps to a great extent. But if the CV is great, students from NITs, BITs, DCE, SRCC etc. are also given a shortlist.


From academic’s point of view, an IIT degree doesn’t make much difference. If you are a diligent student, you will shine irrespective of the tier of your undergrad college.


Leaks :  Importance of work ex to non work ex in IIMs ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


IIM C Student/Almnus :


For profile shortlisting: Though it is a popular belief that marketing companies give shortlists only to freshers, it’s not completely true. If your CV is balanced i.e. you have some good PORs (position of responsibility in some club at school/college/work place etc.), achievements in extra-curriculars and not too much of work-ex(read not more than 3 years), you have a good chance of getting a marketing shortlist.


IT, Gen man &Ops: prefer candidates with work-ex. There can be some exceptions if you have a stellar CV.

Fin and Consultancy : work-ex or no work-ex doesn’t make much difference as long as you have got a strong CV. Some experience in financial sector or a consultancy firm will always earn you a brownie point.


For academics: It will be easier to grasp some topics related to behavioral science, HR and operations, if you have worked before. When you are able to relate theoretical concepts to personal experience in your work-place, learning becomes little more interesting. Isn’t it?


Leaks : Please share your views on IIM A , B & C  ? For which profile, which one is better ?


IIM C Student/Almnus : All three are at par with each other with some minor differences in terms of peer groups, faculty and visiting companies. Alumni base of all three campuses are very strong.

C has got an extra edge in finance sector.


A good number of consultancy firms visit all the three campuses, but A has a got some extra edge here.

B has got a very good marketing faculty.


This doesn’t mean that other sectors are not good in A, B and C. These are simply some observable trends.


Leaks : IIM A/B/C or ISB ???


IIM C Student/Almnus : A/B/C: If work-ex is less than 4 years; otherwise ISB.


Leaks : Is profile shortlisting and placement  a luck ??? (Since few unexpected profile is shortlisted and finally placed )


IIM C Student/Almnus :  Profile shortlisting is not a random process. A plethora of factors like overall academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements, work-ex, PORs, psychometric tests etc. are considered. Since the weightages for each of these factors vary from one company to another, it is difficult to guess who will get a shortlist. Nevertheless, the system is quite transparent (at least at A,B and C.)


Leaks : Does it becomes difficult for people with weak profile to survive in IIMs??


IIM C Student/Almnus : It may pose some challenge during the summer placement. But if you work hard on your academics, participate and win some case competitions, acquire some reputed certifications( like CFA, FRM for fin enthu people)and get some valuable PORs in campus, it won’t be that difficult to get good shortlists in the finals. There will be enough number of ‘second chances’ to compensate for your past shortcomings, but it is up to you to make full use of those opportunities.


Leaks : Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles?


IIM C Student/Almnus : Companies release shortlists based on the CV only. Placement committees do not assure you the dream job; they simply want the batch to get placed at the earliest. I would suggest not to bother about policies at this stage because it is not something which you can change much.

Keep in mind that, even those with stellar profiles can end up with below average offers if they don’t prepare/perform well during placements.


B Leaks : Why one should not join IIMs ???


IIM C Student/Almnus : If you are not sure why and how an MBA degree is important for you, don’t join any MBA program. There is no point in wasting precious years of your life trying to get an MBA degree if you are not sure about it. Remember, MBA is not a full-proof path to a successful career.


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All the best & God Bless You…!!!

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