Leaks : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : Thank you Sir.


B Leaks : We know IIM L is one of the best B-School of India. but please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles .How’s life at IIM-L ?


IIM L Student / Alumnus  1 : Life at IIML is great pretty much like other B-schools. Atleast I had a great time there. You interact with the brightest minds from different parts of India. The college infrastructure is one of the best in India which again adds a lot of value to a person. The academics is taken very seriously and a lot of students fail every year.


B Leaks : In IIMs it is generally considered that IITians or students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. IS IT TRUE FOR IIM-L too ?? Hows life for an average or below average students at IIM-L ???


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 :  Absolutely true . The companies have limited parameters to shortlist a candidate atleast during summers. They will definitely prefer ones from reputed colleges. For an average candidate, there are ample opportunities too. It all depends on how he/she hones themselves and improve their profile in 2 years. I was an average candidate with scores in mid 70s in 12th and grad. I got very limited shortlists but I aced the first interview I got in both summers and finals. With right attitude, nothing is difficult.


B Leaks : CGPA / GPA / Grad points are how much important for summers and Placement ??


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : 100% important. For fin companies, good CG is a must.


B Leaks:  According to you what is the ideal profile for IIM-L


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : there is no ideal profile. Different companies look for different things and it also depends on what sort of profile the candidate is looking for. If you are looking for top notch consulting firms, you need to have 90/90/90 with above average PORs and extracurrics. Even these might not guarantee a sureshot call.


B Leaks: What’s your suggestion(s) - One should join IIM-L just after graduation or after having work-ex


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : Makes no difference whatsoever. But avoid coming here if you have more than 36 months of work-ex.


B Leaks : Now come to summers – How was the summers for 2016-18 batch ??? Talk about Top 10 and bottom 100. Any one unplaced or poorly placed.


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : Top 10 got placed in best consulting firms. Bottom 100 were placed in average sort of firms which comprise start-ups. Bottom 25-30 were poorly placed for sure by my standards. No one remained unplaced though.


B Leaks : How’s placement of 2015 – 17 batch? Top 10 and bottom 100


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : Same as above.

B Leaks : What is the best stream of IIM – L (or general MBA/PGP)


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1: Marketing followed by finance.


B Leaks : Hows profs at IIM-L ? (We heard from almost all B-Schools internal profs are not great as visiting profs/faculties)


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : They are okay. I have not studied from profs of other colleges, hence I can’t comment on this. I was satisfied with a few and pretty dissatisfied with some. 90% students don’t come to study in class. And profs know it too. Hence they also don’t put that much efforts.


B Leaks :  What is the criteria and procedure for summer exchange in top foreign universities and which universities do accept students?

IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : There are like 20-25 universities all in Europe. CG of first 2 terms is the only criteria.

B Leaks : Please compare these set of colleges and answer which one is best  (in terms of RoI , exposure , stream wise, placement, life )


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 :

IIM-L VS FMS                 I would be biased, don’t want to disrespect any college.

IIM-L Vs XLRI                IIML

IIM-L Vs JBIMS             IIML

IIM-L Vs SP Jain            IIML

IIM-L Vs NITIE              IIML

[How can you even compare JB,SP and NITIE with IIML :P ]


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


IIM-L Aspirants : What is the Average package, median package of 2017 batch of IIML, anybody unplaced?


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : IIML does not divulge this data. No one was unplaced but a few went to firms which are as good as staying unplaced.



IIM-L Aspirants : Please share details of  supply chain firms visiting campus, or for Ops SP Jain & NITIE is better than IIM-L


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 : NITIE is any day better for supplychain. Can’t recollect firms specifically for supply chain. Amazon, uber, Asian paints etc. do offer ops profile though. But it is going to be a huge trade-off if a person leaves IIML for NITIE, unless he is having a deep interest in ops



B Leaks : What would be your suggestion to any students who is converted IIM-L and joining to IIM-L in 2 months ?


IIM L Student / Alumnus  1 : Come to IIML. It has its own flaws like other colleges but no place is perfect. Talk to a lot of current students and alumni. 



B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join IIM-L?


IIM L Student / Alumnus 1 :  Current director is crazy. The campus is pretty far from main city and bikes have been banned. Lucknow has no nightlife. If you have an ordinary profile, things might be tough for you. However if you are smart and confident you can manage even with a ordinary profile. If you are joining ABM, do mull upon other options like K, MDI.