My suggestion: Fresher should not join IIM Ranchi because this is just your first attempt unless and until you are sure you cant score better than this than as a last resort join any new IIM but you should always go for a second or third shot.


For non-fresher if you already have 2-3 yrs of experience and this is may be your last chance than join IIM Ranchi or any new IIM because to create your value in the industry you would have to hogg double than any graduate from the top tier.


Rest said placements are good and decent, in fact as per my knowledge better than any new IIM.


Placement Committee is very fair compared to what we see in other colleges.


Yes, infrastructure is a very big barrier which affects the learning and culture but students are trying their level best to overcome but it will hit you hard no doubts about that.



MBA as a whole is nothing but a very big scam and you need to learn how the game is played in the very first semester. Once you do that it becomes really very easy to play along.


My personal experience if you are a fresher 1st semester just be quiet and observe and learn. Don' say much because it's very difficult to understand so have a learning attitude.