B Leak : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

We know IIM RANCHI has few best placements in these days, please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


ALUMNI / STUDENT - Regarding placements, it has been a lot better than previous years, Around 10 got 20+ and 14 PPOs


B LEAKS : Due to One MNC




B LEAKS : This is the first time in Ranchi - not expected the same story always


ALUMNI / STUDENT  : They will come next year most probably , HR director was very happy with the quality of students. They had 7 vacancy and took all 7 from IIM Ranchi,


Nevertheless, One can expect  around  14,15 lpa  average salary


Good thing is that you are allowed to sit in other profiles as well in some companies if you are interested - Marketing , Analytics , consulting “Not finance though as obvious”


B LEAKS : What about 3+ IT work ex


ALUMNI / STUDENT  : Mostly people are from IT, few were from manufacturing, 4,5 freshers


B LEAKS : So you recommend your younger brother or sister ???


ALUMNI / STUDENT  : Yea , if interested and is good then one can go for it.


There are alot of vacancies in PSUs for HR , They can take UGC NET which is an easy exam and get through it


PSUs don't require someone 4 marketing their product .So almost no hiring in other domains


B Leaks : What about bottom placements ?


ALUMNI / STUDENT  : Bottom will always be like that. “What we can look is for opportunities - I can say that one gets at least 20 companies to sit for if unplaced - 5,6 company ke baad kuch nahi hoga esa situation nahi hai -


B Leaks : 20 opportunities with 3 options 60 options and 300 students - again 240 remains un-placed. Same RAT RACE (in genral)


ALUMNI / STUDENT  : With a very small alumni base I think IIM Ranchi is doing good, Rest depends on students capabilities of course. IIM - Ranchi - HR is good, I m saying for HR

Total strength was 51, 14 ppo. Top students get placed early, So 15 gets placed very easily

Remaining 51 -29 =22 students


B Leaks : What about other stream ?

ALUMNI / STUDENT : I can comment only about HR , Don't have sufficient knowledge about other streams and companies


B Leaks : HR had good start – but has slow end, frustration kaphi tha last me. Top is subjective (placement - many times depends upon luck )

ALUMNI / STUDENT : PSUs take pointers,  so GPA matters, so my suggestions are – work on academics and improve your overall personality.

And yes last few are not good – and it is for all B Schools – so try not to be in last few


B Leaks – Thanks and Good bless you…!!!