B Leak : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

We know IIM TRICHY is one of the best B Schools if it comes to Finance so, please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


ALUMNI / STUDENT - Ahh.. best over is very subjective. Is trichy the best for fin in new iims? YES...

But, Don't expect roles that are offered in let's say MDI, or even top roles of NMIMS


Summers are not that great for fin. Mostly the opportunities will be in marketing.

In finals, we have good brands for fin with good roles but that is limited. Many of 2016-18 were with CFAs found it difficult to bag good roles in core finance and landed up with roles in analytics

But the situation is improving but it will take at least 3-5 years when u can compare fin roles of Trichy with Kozhi or MDI 


B  Leak : True, And companies are mostly from South India, So might be for North Indians, it is a tough task to adjust in office cultural.

ALUMNI / STUDENT -  Majority of the companies will be from Chennai, Bangalore and then from Mumbai and Gurgaon. and obviously, the companies in Chennai and Bangalore will have higher South Indian presence

but I don't think that adjusting to office culture is an issue

B Leak :  And what about other streams Marketing IT Ops ?


ALUMNI / STUDENT - This time Trichy has very high avg work-ex so consulting roles( IT consulting) are plenty. It’s good. And for marketing, I would say it is ok and not that great. With the limited number of top brands


B Leak : What about placement figures?


ALUMNI / STUDENT - Placement figures are absolutely correct sir..for summers as well as for finals. There are no inflated figures in the report.


B  Leak : Great, So what’s your take. “Trichy vs new IIMs” - For fin n IT “Yes” and – “No”for other domain , is it so ?


ALUMNI / STUDENT - I would say in new IIMSs only Ranchi is comparable to Trichy. If u want marketing go for Ranchi...and if u don't get Ranchi then Trichy for marketing, Marketing of Trichy is not great but better than all other new IIMs except Ranchi

For HR a big no to Trichy

Ops also again Ranchi, Udaipur and then only Trichy Or ops is not that good in any new IIM.


(this is his/her point of view B Leaks does not want to comment - since it is an unedited leak)


B  Leak : Trichy as

1. Freshers

2. Poor acads

3. 2+ IT

4. 3.5+ exp




A. For fresher there will be a lot of competition as the batch has high workex so mostly the opportunities are in marketing roles that require less than 1 year workex..


B. Poor acads will be very tough during placements like in any other bschool...mostly in the batch have avg or above avg acads so it gets difficult when u r competing against them for the initial shortlist (and believe me it’s a big factor)


C. 2+ IT is an ideal profile for Trichy. If want to be in IT and get into analytics or IT consulting then there will be plenty of opportunities both in summer and finals. So it’s good


D. 3.5+ exp..it will be difficult (almost impossible) to get into marketing (FMCG especially)..but again there are companies that want at least 3 years workex..so again limited opportunities will be there.


B  Leak : What about “Fresher with great Acads” Trichy or next cat (if placed at min 5 lpa job )


ALUMNI / STUDENT - Go for another attempt if u r confident that u can crack cat with 99+...get good 1 year work ex and get into old IIMs, FMS, MDI and all ...


B  Leak : But getting these calls at 99 is again a risk, So next year Trichy or this year Trichy or risk


ALUMNI / STUDENT - I would say taking a risk is totally justifiable in this situation. Even if you join Trichy next year, you will get more opportunities in a college with 1 year work-ex and good acads in trichy


B  Leak : One thing you don’t like about T  and why one should not join T


ALUMNI / STUDENT - There are a couple ... Poor gender ratio ( should be better for a B-School). Then location is not that good(it gets difficult to get companies). Language is big barrier when u step outside campus.


one should not join Trichy if he or she wants marketing/hr/ops and have Ranchi


B  Leak : Anything else you want to share ?


ALUMNI / STUDENT - Just a message for those who will be joining Trichy : Get in a habit of sleeping 5 hours a day 😛


B LEAKS : THANKS FOR YOUR TIME...!!! It would help many.