B Leak : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.


Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity and it is really nice to come up with this concept,  B leaks is a platform to know the real scenario of any college for any MBA aspirant to take a more informed decision for his/her future.


We know IMI has few best placements in these days, please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


Yes! I would try to give the information considering the average placement and overall batch scenario


B Leak: How’s Life at IMI ? First Year and Second Year Life ?


Initially life got a bit hectic with clubs, committees and staying outside your homes but eventually, it’s a fun experience meeting new people and learning so much from each other.IMI has many student-run committees and each committee offers their own events throughout the year keeping students engaged throughout.


The first year we stay outside the campus and there is no such campus life in the first year. The hostels for the first year batch is outsourced, however, the batch is shifted to the campus in the second year. The first year gets a bit exhaustive but the second year is bit chilled and you can do a lot of live projects and many other things.


Also, we party like crazily very often: right from class parties, to batch parties, clubs, hostel and many be just for no reason. Its not a very strict strict atmosphere, we believe in work hard party harder !


B Leak: How’s internal faculty (Profs) and how’s guest lectures ? [in general students of B-Schools are not happy with 80% of internal Profs (80-20 Pareto Rules )


The faculty here  is really  good with good representation of eminent profs in all domains. For finance professors like Sanjay Dhamija Sir  having a rich experience working in the corporate for 16 years, also a director and COO of ABN AMRO Asia Equitues and working with HSBC  and various leading organizations, the experience he gets with him and his teaching methodology is not comparable. Marketing sector has  professors like Neena Sondhi maam,  awarded a GoldMan Sachs sponsorship for Harvard Business School. She gets Harvard cases and her own cases to discuss in class. Classroom teaching methodology  is very engaging and not simply a teacher lecturing in class as we have class participation marks included in the final evaluation.


In total generally for a 3 credit course which means 20 lectures, 2 lectures or particularly one specific topic is taken up by visiting faculties from the industry.IMI gets  really good people from the industry to teach specific topics. They get with themselves their own experience from  the corporate to give us the real picture outside other than the bookish knowledge .


B Leak: How’s other campuses of IMI Kol&Bhubhneswar  ?


IMI kolkata is in its growing stage and is coming up. Recently only, three students were offered internship to Spain. There has been a recent addition of Xunta de Galicia to the list of international collaborators, at IMI Kolkata and  has opened up new avenues.However little do we know about IMI bhubhneshwar


B Leak: Which stream of IMI is better (Fin, Marketing, Ops, General Management others)


 IMI Fin and mark are both good. We have equal opportunities coming for both. Strategy has some of very good faculties but very few roles are offered for genral management or strategic roles at IMI.


B Leak: If we compare all courses then how’s other two courses of IMI (B & FS & HRM) ?


BFS is good but strictly only for fin. Pgdm>bfs>hrm                  


I won't suggest HRM , unless it's your last resort. HRM placements are not 100% plus the profiles from what people tell me are average. Bfs you don't have an option to switch anywhere. You will be fin for life. Atleast till placements. Plus few firms like future generali strategy roles didn't open In all these aspects I feel pgdm is nice. For a total fin person bfs is not bad either. Though doing your HR from IMI isn’t really worth unless you have only this option.


B Leaks :CGPA / GPA / Grad points are how much important for summers and Placement ??


In IMI CGPA really does matter for getting shortlisted for final placements. Also for opting for  your majors especially  in finance CGPA is accounted. For marketing it is relatively flexible but overall its an important factor in IMI.


B Leaks : Importance of work ex to non work ex in IMI ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


We have more of non workex students in the current batch. For internship shortlisting, it depends mainly on the company. While for  internships, your 10th, 12th and grad score are taken into consideration  than your workexp. Some companies only want engineers while some companies that offer a more creative role are bent towards Arts  and other subjects.


For finals, workex people definitely have an advantage over freshers and are shortlisted according to both work experience and CGPA.


B Leaks :Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles?


Frankly, in my opinion internship shortlisting was skewed towards your 10th/12th/grad score and thus many people with really good profiles and work experience were left. People with good acad score are shortlisted for interviews with many companies but those with less score were not allowed to sit for the interviews only.


There is genrally a strict policy of 5 caps for internships , that is you can take only upto 5  interviews . In order to give equal chance to all students. But frankly, it wasn’t strictly followed and many students with good past record in academics were allowed to take up interviews till they got selected. But for not so good acad record or a decent record were shortlisted only in few companies.


For finals, its more of your CGPA and work ex that is taken into account for shortlisting.


B Leak: Hows summers and placement of IMI. (If you have data then please share) – Any one unplaced or poorly placed ?


Placements have been good this year compared to the last year. This year the average has been around 12.4 lc. Some very good companies like IOCL, Reckitt Benckiser, HSBC , EY, GEP have offered some very good roles this year.


Mass recruiters were ICICI  and HCL.


Summer placements: summers have been good. Companies from all domains participated like HSBC, IDBI bank, Emami, Nestle, HUL , Reliance and many more.


B Leak: It is found that 3+ (years) is not an ideal profile for companies (in short listing a profile). Is it the same case in IMI too ?


Yes, it is beleievd 3+ isn’t an ideal profile but some students have got really good internships  with Piramal, HUL. So it all depends on the student. Shortlisiting gets tougher for students with good exp, but some good companies don’t put that restriction though.


B Leak: What is the ideal profile for IMI ?


I believe having a good past acad score does matter for your summers in IMI but for your finals CGPA would account to a large extent. IMI focuses on its acads while shortlisting for interviews. The recent batch has 60% non work ex and 40% work ex student  which is a good mix. 


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


AspirantQuestion: Placements and Prospects for people with 3.5+ years of experience


People do face issues for getting shortlisted   during summer internships with 3-3.5 years exp  but for finals there is no such issue. Some people have really got amazing profiles with good years of experience. It all depends on the person , how well you come out with your  knowledge and interview with particular companies



spirant Question:I have got PGDM ( finance) at IMT ghaziabad. Other options that i have are NMIMS mumbai and IMI delhi. Which one should i go for if i want to do specialisation in finance ? Besides brand value, please consider the ROI factor too while answering this question. Thank you.


I think NM finance is the best option out of the options given . IMT Ghaziabad is a known brand for marketing. They have some really good marketing faculty. If you are sure to do finance NM is the best best , and then IMI.  Being in the finance capital is a sure advantage to NM people and you ll get all big names in that sector opening many roles under the domain. IMI bfs course is also doing well. We have some really good teachers in finance. Taking ROI in consideration NM costs around 22lc and IMI 18lc so its not really a big difference. Surely NM has a brand name in Finance domain and would reap  greater future benefits than IMT G or IMI


Aspirant  Question:  1.What is the minimum package in IMI Delhi? Its around 7.5-8lc 

2.No of students unplaced very- few frankly! Maybe around 5. Almost all could make through till January

3.How is finance in IMI Delhi in terms of placement for an avgacad guy?


As I mentioned earlier . BFS at IMI is picking up. There are some good roles been offered at good companies. But you get restricted to only fin and some strategic or general management roles are not opened for you.   IMI has some  really good finance faculty and is definitely getting better.



Aspirant  Question:

  1. Prospects for someone with more than 2 years IT work experience at IMI? What roles can one expect to get after an MBA from IMI?


Definitely if you have a 2+ workex at IT, you don’t wanto go back to IT again after doing your MBA.Companies do come with IT roles too , however 2+ workex are open to various otherstrategic roles, marketing research , analytical roles. There is no such hard and fast rule to only be getting IT roles


2. Would it be advisable to go for finance specialization after more than 2 years work experience in an IT company? Would it be difficult to get jobs in finance and marketing specializations and hence just stick to general management and consultancy roles?


Its all upto that person. If  the person is really inclined towards doing something , definitely sky is the limit. You are not restricted to taking up any particular roles. IMI offer many marketing roles and there is no such difficulty for person with 2+ workex at it. Finance , some companies with really good roles test your finance knowledge.  Its always about how well u r going to perform in both studies and in the interviews when some really good roles are being offered.




IMI>IMT (finance) , IMT >IMI ( marketing) , NM >IMI ( finance) , SIBM(P)>IMI, SCHMRD>IMI


B Leaks : A decent acads and 90%ile in CAT (as appearing candidate – not cleared Graduation) ; what’s your suggestion – IMI or CAT 2017


I would definitely suggest to give one more shot! You have done pretty well juggling CAT and grads so while giving some more preparation could definitely fetch you better college. However IMI is also a really good college if you think taking up chance  would be risky.


B Leak : 36+ months IT work ex ??? What’s your suggestion, should he join IMI or GREAT LAKES and other B-schools?


Definitely IMI. The biggest advantage IMI has is its situated in the capital and we have doors opened from many companies headquarted in Delhi/ncr. Imi is doing pretty well compared to other colleges in the same bracket.


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should join IMI ?


We have some  amazing faculty better than some IIMs, im not boasting because im there but yes that’s really true!  The way the classes are done are very interactive and engaging. 


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join IMI ?


There has recently been an increase the batch size. Infrastructure is one challenege which IMI is currently struggling with. Also due to infrastructure crunch, we don’t have a proper ground and sports activities are limited but in all teaching methodology and academically the institute is relatively stronger than colleges in the same bracket.


Thanks for your time :)