B Leaks : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.


IMTian : Thanks for the opportunity sir.I hope that my input’s help aspirant’s to make informed decision.


B Leaks : We know IMT has few best placements in these days, please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles.


IMTian : The placement season has been good and I will try to answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


B Leak : IMT is known as Makka of Marketing. In our times (admin is an alumnus of IMT-G)  Profs are really good in marketing. Is still marketing Profs are good, or only few of them are good?


IMTian : The marketing department has went overhaul with many eminent faculties joining the college.We have faculties ranging from ex Samsung CMO Elkana Sir  to the brain behind Eureka Forbes revolution Palekar Sir.The other eminent faculties include Sales expert S.R.Singhvi, CRM guru Sandeep Puri and Market research expert Rakesh Singh.Apart from them many other new faculties are joining the college and will be there to mentor the upcoming batch of 2017-19.


B Leaks : How’s guest lectures in IMT ?


IMTian : Guest lectures are basically conducted in two ways.First type of guest lecture’s are organized by faculties in which the speaker brings his or her real world knowledge about the subject.The second type of guest lecture’s are organized by student run bodies and they range from entrepreneurship to marketing to finance.


B Leaks : How’s finance domain of IMT ? , Is it same as Marketing? In terms of classroom, summers and placement?


IMTian : The finance domain at IMT is average and it is not at par with the marketing having said that the faculty is good and classroom learning is engaging.The big name’s like Goldman Sachs and D.E.Shaw do come for the summer’s but the opportunity available to a finance graduate is less compared to a Marketing graduate. The final placement is spear headed by Deloitte,Credit Suisse, EY, Crisil, Citi bank who are major recruiters apart from them many other banks and financial firms come for recruitment.The average placement package that a finance student can get from IMT is in range of 9-10 lakhs considering many IT firms also open their profiles for finance students.


B Leaks : How’s other domain of IMT(HR , Ops, IT) ? In terms of classroom, summers and placement?


IMTian : IMT has mainly two major’s that is Marketing and Finance apart from that HR is there but the student opting for HR are in single digit.The small bunch of HR students get placed easily but there package hover’s around 7.5-8.5 lakhs. The major drawback of IMT is that we don’t have enough students opting for HR and our competitor MDI has a dedicated HR batch so they have been putting their Alum in industry since long where as IMT lacks behind in this practice despite of having a well established HR department which has very renowned faculty member’s


B Leaks : How’s other courses are doing in IMT ? DCP and PGPX (Executive Course) – Batch profile and Placement.


IMTian : In my frank opinion PGPX course should be pursued either from A,B,C or ISB. IMT is still at baby bloomer stage in terms of PGPX program. Although college has established a dedicated placement department for the same but the placement’s still are not that great as is expected out of a PGPX program. DCP program is a two year program in which student spend first year in Dubai and second in IMT Ghaziabad main campus.There are few good student’s in DCP batch but majority of the batch comprises of either fresher’s or with students having not so great academic background.This also reflects in the final placements where the main campus students are able to make the cut for best jobs and DCP student’s struggling till the end.


B Leak : Are DCP  treated as step child of IMT ??? Main course people don’t want to see them in classes and other activities


IMTian : DCP is not treated as a step child but the quality check that institute has for DCP student’s is very poor. This whole concept of one program across two countries is flawed and it should be framed as one course run at a single campus with equal opportunity to students to participate.Main course people don’t have a grudge against the DCP people but the seriousness factor is lacking in most of the DCP students be it acting professionally or obeying the placement rules.This is the reason there is a intellectual gap between main course students and DCP students


B Leaks : How’s Life at IMT ? First Year and Second Year Life ? [First Year – You stay in another hostel – out side Campus ]


IMTian : Life at IMT is a ride that keeps you engaged throughout. We have a very strong sports and co curricular culture which keeps the thrill intact. IMT has a number of student run committee’s with each of them having specialty of it’s own.First year boy’s stay in CDL hostel which is 2 kms from main campus.It is a well designed hostel with ac room’s.Second year onwards everyone moves to main campus which has aura of it’s own be it amphi theatre or library everything is designed to help you live your dream.The number of corporate competition’s keep student motivated throughout the year and yes the parties are in our DNA so no matter what happens IMTians are always ready to celebrate.


B Leak : Having more intake is not a problem for IMT ? In terms of getting electives and summers and placement ?


IMTian : The batch size of IMT is comparable to IIM Indore and is more than IIM Shillong (Considering these two as in India we have IIM’s as bench mark for comparison).The batch size has no correlation with getting elective’s as the college administration ensures that if a student is genuinely interested in studying a subject then he or she should get that subject.Although Some of the famous subjects such as Sales management have limited seat’s but then they are filled on first come and first serve basis which is a fair process for all. The Summers at IMT are on the lower side compared to final placement as some of the major recruiters visit college only for the finals but having said that there are quite a few big names that visit for summers only & they offer PPO too. The whole summer and final placement process depends on your hardwork and hours you have put in. IMT can provide you with opportunities but then converting those opportunities into results depends on you. In a batch of 500+ you have to keep yourself throwing around and learning each day in order to differentiate yourself from others. By going only for bookish knowledge or by only focusing on co-curricular you will land up with an average profile and average job of say 9-10lakhs but by focusing equally on all fronts you can easily walk away with job offer of 15+ lakhs


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


Aspirant Question: Overall scenario, placement opportunities for freshers, work and profile offered


IMTian : The overall scenario for final placements is good at IMT. We have almost all the big names visiting IMT that go to IIM Indore, IIFT or MDI(keeping aside the General management roles and Top 4 management consulting firms). The total number of companies visiting campus were around 130 plus and out of these around 10+ made 15 lakh plus offers.The majority of companies made offer in the range of 10-14 lakhs. For fresher if you have great acads ( 80-80-80) throughout then IMT is the place to be.As almost all the major marketing companies look out for freshers with great acads but if you are looking for IT roles then you might get disappointed as those companies look for work experience.More than 40% placement is in the IT sector and rest is divided into Sales, Marketing & Finance sector. The profile offered to IMT graduates is mainly of Area Sales manager or Business development manager if the role is for Sales.If it is for IT then the role offered is either of consultant or senior business analyst.For finance the roles vary from relational ship manager to analyst.


Aspirant Question: How FT (Full time)  is different from Marketing ? Which one  is better ?


IMTian : There is no difference between fulltime and marketing.The full time students get an opportunity to choose their specialization after second term i.e. whether they want to specialize in finance or in marketing but Marketing students have their majors fixed i.e. marketing


Aspirant Question: I have got PGDM ( finance) at IMT Ghaziabad. Other options that i have are NMIMS Mumbai and IMI Delhi. Which one should i go for if i want to do specialisation in finance ? Besides brand value, please consider the ROI factor too while answering this question. Thank you.


IMTian : Considering you have strong inclination towards finance then I would suggest you should go for NMIMS. Though the ROI factor would not be favouring NMIMS but then the profiles and roles offered there would be much better than those offered at IMT. IMI is a safe bet not because roles offered are good but because you get a job assurance because of relatively small batch size but then the package may vary from 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs in IMI. Now coming to IMT we have around 160 students in finance stream and competition is tough for limited number of good profiles offered(If you are okay with Relationship manager kind of roles then IMT provides ample of opportunities but if you are someone who is looking for hardcore finance profiles then IMT will disappoint you)



B Leak : Also compare – IMT Vs IIFT, IMT Vs NM , IMT Vs IMI , IMT Vs SIBM , IMT Vs SCHMRD , IMT Vs IIT Kgp , IMT Vs DFS (least fee almost same package in Fin)


IMTian :

IMT vs IIFT – IIFT considering the batch size and their location although the top recruiters remain the same but small batch size makes it easy to grab those jobs at IIFT compared to IMT.

IMT vs NM : If you are looking for marketing as your major then IMT is better than NM considering the profiles and roles offered here. As well as since the college has reputation for marketing so the curriculum and academia here is more inclined towards marketing compared to NM.

IMT vs IMI : If you want to play it safe and are happy with landing up a job of say around 8-9 lakhs then IMI is the place to be but if you are ready to face the crowd and take what you deserve then IMT is the place to be.(IMI highest package 15.1 & in IMT we have 9 students getting 25+ jobs)

IMT vs SCMHRD: IMT takes a hit because of batch size but the companies and profile offered remain the same.

IMT Vs IIT Kgp: IMT is above IIT kgp both in terms of acads and in terms of placements so the comparison is null and void in this case.

IMT Vs DFS: IMT if you have inclination in marketing and DFS if you want to walk away with a similar package with lesser exposure


B Leaks : What is an idea profile for an IMTian – Age , Academic and Work Ex ?


IMTian : The average age for batch of 2017 was 25 years(Engineers) 23 years(Non Engineers) Average Workex of batch was 27 months & this is the most ideal profile to be in IMT i.e. 18-30 month of workex with engineering or non engineering acads


B Leaks : A decent acads (85+ ) and 97%ile in CAT (as appearing candidate – not cleared Graduation) ; whats your suggestion – IMT or next year CAT


IMTian : If you have 85+ throughout then you stand a good chance of getting shortlist for almost all major marketing companies in IMT but if you want to make a career in finance then you can take a drop for CAT 


B Leak : 36+ months IT work ex ??? What’s your suggestion ?


IMTian : At 36+ of IT workex you will have problems in getting shortlist for summer placement but in finals you will have an upper edge with getting shortlist for every IT company that you apply for.(Top 5 IT companies at IMT offer package of 13 lakh plus)


B Leak : Share REAL placement figure of 2017 batch ? [How many are unplaced or joined less than 6 lpa]


IMTian : 480 students have been placed out of batch of 540 students.There are 60 remaining students out of which around 35 are from DCP.The placement process is going on and companies are still visiting the campus.The final placement might get concluded by march end or april mid.


B Leaks : Is there a same placement process for DCP and Main Course ?


IMTian : Yes the placement process is same for DCP and Main Course and there is no difference in that


B Leaks : Has PGPEx its own place-com or they do not have placement assistant ? One should join PGPEx or not ?


IMTian : The PGPEx has its own place-com and they also have placement assistance. One  should join PGPEx if they don’t get through any college which is above IMT in rankings and placement as in PGPEx program at IMT the chances of getting job above 12 plus is tough


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join IMT ?


IMTian : You should not join IMT if you have a job offer in hand and are willing to take one more attempt at CAT and scoring 98 plus.You should also not join IMT if you are a safe player and batch size is a deterrent for you

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