B Leaks : Is DCP - A stepchild of IMT.


IMTian : No,  Infact they are given better opportunities. Earlier it was mentioned in their resume that they are dcp kids. Some companies used to discriminate. Since last two years, it has stopped...So they are at par with us. Also their GPA is calculated among dcp kids only....So its easy to get a 9 pointer in dcp than from gzb, and considering parity in placement process + GPA scene I feel gzb students are discriminated in a way


B Leaks : Are Summers and finals together for them?


IMTian : Not summers... Because they are in Dubai, But in finals they are with us. And there's no way you can make out if a person is DCP just from the cv.  Except for the coded roll no. If you see the scenario....Most of imt kids don't have summers in good companies. So it doesn't create any difference


B Leak : So if a better profile or could get better B School next year - dont join IMT?


IMTian : If you have a good profile like (70-70-70) you'll get good opportunities at imt so no problem joining if this is the last attempt you're giving.


B Leaks :  70-70-70 is common in cbse, but not in state board.


IMTian : Not with other state boards, I am not 70-70-70, I struggled a lot in summers - Got placed in some unknown company . I had sales workex, so in finals I got into fmcg leadership role. 


B Leaks : Good, congratulations?


IMTian : Thanks a lot.


What I intended to say that either you should have a great academic profile or good workex, As a fresher I don't recommend someone to join, Also if you want marketing and got a covert in finance...don't worry you can easily switch to marketing.


Tell this to the students who got converts. Actually, I had a discussion with the director before leaving campus. They are going to eliminate dcp and make it a pure play Dubai course


Companies from middle East are recruiting a lot....So they might get some Dubai kids to spend 2 years in Dubai program and have them recruited there itself - Making it a Dubai course in some time.


B Leaks : How they can convert - GPA basis, in IMT - even you might not get your favourite Profs for elective - how this change?


IMTian : Prof is a technical issue.....There are 500 kids and a single Prof....So he only teachers 200kids. There will always be someone who don't get fav prof. It’s a first come first serve


B Leaks : 36+ months IT work ex ??? What’s your suggestion ?.


IMTian : Can join but IT experience is a deterrent...He needs to make it big in competitions or academics. If this is his last trial. A fresher can opt to repeat cat but like the one in above example might not want to repeat. So fresher should opt for better schools.


It’s a known fact that people who can't take risks or don't want to struggle or desperate for a job go for it roles. Otherwise, people don't want to go in IT


B Leak :  How course change is possible?


IMTian : Switching from fin to mkt is for fresher who wanted to convert admission for marketing but he's got a finance admission....He can go to APO and easily switch.


B Leaks : What aout Dubai kid?


IMTian : No....Dubai kids are not so much in demand but MBA kids are....So management is trying to ask those companies to recruit from Dubai itself making Dubai a completely different course. - Also more fees.


B Leak : So money generator at the end ?


IMTian : Yup....A big one


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join IMT ?


IMTian : You should not join IMT if you have a job offer in hand and are willing to take one more attempt at CAT and scoring 98 plus.You should also not join IMT if you are a safe player and batch size is a deterrent for you