B Leak : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

We know if “it’s Ops it should be NITIE” and it had few best placements in Ops, but please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


B Leak: How’s Life at NITIE? First Year and Second Year Life?


The first year: It’s divided into 2 parts:

I.          Before Summer Internship Placement: Quite hectic, you have to attend the classes in the morning till evening after that you have to attain the grooming sessions taken by seniors. The grooming session is an awesome thing, you will learn the skills related to GD and PI. Apart from these, you'll also learn other Soft skills. Although no senior will force you to attain these sessions but if you won’t join you’ll loose the rat race.


You have to manage your time between your acads and grooming session. You will get a lot of assignments and will barely have any time to do anything for atleast first 3 months.


II. After SIP: Your life will be chill because there will be no grooming sessions but yes there will be the usual classes (5 days a week) and yes you should have at least 75% of attendance. The assignments and rigour depend upon the professors and also the marks. Apart from these there will be corporate case competitions where most of the people will participate but once again it’s up to you how much engaged you want to keep yourself. There are so many committies and forums which organize so many events, you can enjoy yourself there along with lots of learnings.


Second Year: Very light if you have the PPO otherwise you need to work hard to build your profile.


B Leak: Being one of the best B-Schools , why NITIE is a black sheep (not known to many) ? Is Media-com is not doing its work


Yes to a great extent our only engineer policy hurts the PR mechanism. Also since there is no marketing very few people know about the college.


B Leak: Do participations in committee and fests helps during summers/ placements?


Yes they do


B Leak: Which one is the best stream of NITIE (Academic & Placement wise ) and which one is second best and No for which stream.


Operations and Supply Chain, Second Best- IT and Finance and NO for HR


B Leak: “Ops are not the main stream of MBA” – A Layman. For general public MBA means – Marketing, Finance, HR. DO you think Ops if for Legends :) 


HAHA, yes. You are suppose to optimize the day to day functioning of the company. You have to integrate the various processes inside the company.


B Leak: In one of our leak it is found that summers is good but final is just ohke for almost all B-Schools course. Is it same with NITIE ?


It’s not true for NITIE. In finals many great organizations come.


B Leak: What is Ops , which type of work one can do after MBA, Supply Chain hai kya, coureer company jaisa kaam legi company kya ?


As consultant or as Manager for the day to day functioning of the company . You have to design and optimize the supply chain and increase the productivity of the company.


B Leak: How’s internal faculty (Profs) and how’s guest lectures ? [in general students of B-Schools are not happy with 80% of internal Profs (80-20 Pareto Rules )


Some are awesome some are very poor. Most of them are average. We mostly learn through case studies.


B Leaks : In B-schools  it is generally considered that students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. Is it true for NITIE ?? Hows life for an average or below average students at NITIE???


Yes for average students there are still some options like IT companies and manufacturing companies.


B Leaks : Does IIT / NIT / Big Names (colleges ) works during profile shortlisting (in NITIE) ?


Yes of course. There are few companies who only take premium colleges students.


B Leaks : CGPA / GPA / Grad points are how much important for summers and Placement ??


They play a huge role in the shortlisting but don’t have any significant role afterwards.


B Leaks :  Importance of work ex and past academic records in NITIE ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


Yes but not always. The top companies look for bright candidates.


B Leaks :   Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles?




B Leak: How’s summers and placement of NITIE. (If you have data then please share)


Both are awesome still we are dark sheep. For data log on the official website it’s 100% authentic


B Leak: It is found that 3+ (years) is not an ideal profile for companies (in short listing a profile). Is it the same case in NITIE too ?


Yes to some extent


B Leak: What is the ideal profile for NITIE ?

                        For Consulting: >80% throughout and 20 months of experience,

                        For FMCG, >80% and top colleges.

                        For IT: any profile


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :

Aspirant 1  Questions: How good is PGDISEM ?


Very good butt small batch of 11. Every one will be placed within 3 days.


How far up the ladder can one go in an organization with a degree in PGDISEM.


Very high, in every organization there is core department dedicated to Safety and Compliances and NITIE is the only top college to provide this course.


Scope in PSUs


NIL, they don’t come in our college.


Scope in international organizations such as WHO, UN etc.


Low I would say.


What are the best roles offered and by which companies in the operations sector? 


MLDP, Consultant Strategy n Operations by the likes of Amazon and Big 4


What are the opportunities available for career in consultancy sector at NITIE


Very high, the Big 4 is filled with our alums. They are at very high positions. In fact 50% of work experienced candidates are placed in consulting domain. Except top notch like BCG every consulting firm come in our college.


Do IE students get more favour than IM students during placements  ?


No, not at all. Reverse is true. But yes if you’re talented you’ll be placed irrespective of the branch.


How many students are placed this year, we hear that a few are still unplaced?


Each and every one is placed, some people(5-6) were not placed in the slots but were later placed within 2 months


How many students in approximately from the IM batch secured a placement with a 15+ package?


Certainly more than 50%. I think it’s between 50 to 60%.


Is there any swimming facilities at NITIE ?


Sorry NO.


How good are the opportunities for people from IT Services background(TCS, Accenture, Cognizant, etc)?


Great! Most of the consulting companies look for the IT background irrespective of the past companies. For IT companies it’s like a prerequisite. Even the FMCG companies look for IT background candidates for their IT profile. Many of my classmate got their placement in top FMCG companies with the IT experience.


How good is the scope for IT Consulting at NITIE?


Awesome. Almost all the top IT companies come to NITIE for the consulting profile ranging from Big 4 to top companies like Google, JDA Software, Atos and what not.Even the service companies like TCS, INFY, WIPRO offer great IT Consulting profiles and with great onsite opportunities.

Not only these FMCG Companies open the IT profile with awesome CTC.


Best combination of electives for people interested in IT Consulting?


There are so many like IT Strategy, Data Analytics, ERP, Data Science. IT in manufacturing, Supply Chain Analytics etc. There are more than 15 subjects as electives for IT Consulting.


I've heard some people pick NITIE over IIM L/K/I. Is this true?


There are so many, honestly speaking if you are looking for Operations and IT NITIE is best, so many people who are interested in this domain or have work experience in this domain choose NITIE over the above colleges. Except IIM L , the placement of NITIE is better than IIM K and IIM I. There are so many companies who visit only NITIE for operations profile. The average package of NITIE IM is better than IIM-I and same as IIM K.


How different is ISEM from Nitie compared to the flagship mba program?


It’s different in terms of curriculum and some extent to the placement otherwise everything is same.


What is the batch size and what profiles are offered?


Everything is given in the official site.


What are the salary ranges and top recruiters?


                                   From 8 lac to 39.5 LPA(domestic)

                                   From 24 Lac to 52 lac (International)(2016 Stat)

To know about the companies and profile go to our website, it’s 100 % authentic.


Any scope for long term foreign work opportunity and if yes then how probable?


There are so many companies who hires for foreign locations but there are also so many companies in IT and consultancy which will send you onsite during your regular stint. We have a solid alum base in the foreign countries.

Note: Even in the summers internship a score of students go to overseas for the internship.


Can students with 48 months work ex in core industry get operation consulting jobs?


Difficult but yes can land in the dream job of Amazon India



B Leak : Please  compare –

NITIE Vs SP JAIN : For operations NITIE>> SP Jain, for others SP Jain > NITIE

NITIE Vs MDI:  For operations and IT, NITIE> MDI for others MDI > NITIE

NITIE Vs NM : Anytime NITIE Mumbai

NITIE Vs Rest New IIMs : NITIE beyond any comparison

NITIE Vs SIBM:  NITIE beyond comparison

NITIE Vs SCHMRD : What a joke anytime NITIE Mumbai

NITIE Vs IITs: NITIE=IIT B, otherwise NITIE>>>>>>IIT’s


B Leaks : A decent acads (85+ ) and 97%ile in CAT (as appearing candidate – not cleared Graduation) ; whats your suggestion – NITIE or CAT 2017 for IIMs


I doubt you’ll get admission with 97%ile, you need to have at least 98%ile(for boys). I will suggest it’s upto you, if you really believe that you can score better and adamant to go to the top 5 b schools then you can appear for the next year otherwise the placement of NITIE is at par or even better with the next top 5 B schools. The biggest plus point of the NITIE is that freshers get very good job with very good profiles like leadership and business development with very high salary(greater than 24 lac).


B Leak : 36+ months IT work ex ??? What’s your suggestion, should he join NITIE?


Yes he can, there are so many good companies who hire candidates if their profile matches with the job openings.


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should join NITIE ?


  • Best ROI after FMS D

  • Best College for Operations and supply chain management

  • Best people to study with (most of them are work experienced)

  • Awesome campus and that’s too in Mumbai

  • Not so difficult course curriculum

  • Night Life



B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join NITIE ?

                                 i. Poor Gender Ratio

                                ii. Non IIM Tag

                                iii. Girls will never know the brand value of NITIE

                                iv. If you already have IIM A, B, C, L, FMS D and XLRI convert

                                 v. You’re not at all interested in operations.


Thanks for your time :)