B Leak : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

We know if “it’s Ops it should be NITIE” and it had few best placements in Ops, but please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles


B Leak: How’s Life at NITIE? First Year and Second Year Life?


Before SIP its hectic. Sessions are conducted on a daily basis. Few hours to sleep. After SIP there is freedom. Do what you want. Then non PPO holders again prepare for battle in finals in mid second year.

Other than this case challenges, weekend opportunities all are voluntary.


B Leak: Being one of the best B-Schools, why NITIE is a black sheep (not known to many)? Is Media-com is not doing its work


Because this is India. SRK is known more than Irfan Khan. IIM Nagpur>NITIE.

People eat, sleep, shit brand here. And why NITIE is not a brand? That’s because of poor PR stature of the administration.

But let me assure you, the industry knows NITIE. You name a company (non-finance) I ll tell you an NITIE alumni working there.


B Leak: Do participations in committee and fests helps during summers/ placements?



Yes. - Committee seniors help in prep as well by influences.  I won’t dive into details.

But join a committee if you can. Worst case scenario, lots of parties and new friends. So no harm in joining committees.


B Leak: Which one is the best stream of NITIE (Academic & Placement wise ) and which one is second best and No for which stream.


  1. IM

  2. ISEM

  3. MM, a big NO


B Leak: “Ops are not the main stream of MBA” – A Layman. For general public MBA means – Marketing, Finance, HR. DO you think Ops if for Legends :) 


Ops is to  MBA grad what like khetibari is to an urban person. You can look down upon it but honey your marketing and finance departments will beg your supply chain professionals to cut cost in every quarter to save their asses.

Oh yes, switch opportunities are like 5-6 times more in ops than any MBA domain. The point is weather you sell burgers or lend money to people, one thing you must need. SUPPLY CHAIN


B Leak: In one of our leak it is found that summers is good but final is just ohke for almost all B-Schools course. Is it same with NITIE ?


Yes - it is more like a change in company policy of recruitment.


B Leak: What is Ops , which type of work one can do after MBA, Supply Chain hai kya, coureer company jaisa kaam legi company kya ?



Supply chain deals with end to end maintenance or creation of material flow.
c0ke bottle jo aap market me dehte ho, every material , chemicals, bottle plastic, labels sab kuch kaha se ayeg kaise ayega, kaise manage hoga, kitna stock rakhna hai , kaunsa warehouse me rahega sab thik hota hai supply chain me.


B Leak: How’s internal faculty (Profs) and how’s guest lectures ? [in general students of B-Schools are not happy with 80% of internal Profs (80-20 Pareto Rules )


Profs are pretty avg. Orthodox teaching style.
but Dean Student Affairs A.K Pundir is a legend. He does anything for students. He is a real life example of student loving prof.


B Leaks : In B-schools  it is generally considered that students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. Is it true for NITIE ?? Hows life for an average or below average students at NITIE???





B Leaks : Does IIT / NIT / Big Names (colleges ) works during profile shortlisting (in NITIE) ?


Yes . 100% true . BRANDS matter


B Leaks : CGPA / GPA / Grad points are how much important for summers and Placement ??

Your Answer :




B Leaks :  Importance of work ex and past academic records in NITIE ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


<20 months work ex would be ideal for most of the companies
and 20+ for consultancies


B Leaks :   Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles?




B Leak: How’s summers and placement of NITIE. (If you have data then please share)


Avg 52k per month
Top 50% 80k per month


B Leak: It is found that 3+ (years) is not an ideal profile for companies (in short listing a profile). Is it the same case in NITIE too?


Yes. Same story everywhere.


B Leak: What is the ideal profile for NITIE ?


80% through out,
core industry experience.

Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


How good is PGDISEM ?


Pretty much nice in terms of placement. Course is niche and in demand in FMCG


How far up the ladder can one go in an organization with a degree in PGDISEM.



As far as you are capable of. Firms operate on merit, not on your degree or stream.


Scope in PSUs




Scope in international organizations such as WHO, UN etc."




What are the best roles offered and by which companies in the operations sector? 


Leadership programs are offered by almost all FMCGs
MARICO , HUL, P&G all offer leadership programs which train you for 12 months in all cross functional scale.


What are the opportunities available for career in consultancy sector at NITIE


All top consultancy firm come. Gep,Delloite, PWC, CBC,EY


Do IE students get more favour than IM students during placements  ?


NO, reverse is true actually


How many students are placed this year, we hear that a few are still unplaced?


IM batch all are placed as of now. 1 signed out to start own venture.


How many students in approximately from the IM batch secured a placement with a 15+ package?





Is there any swimming facilities at NITIE ?"


NO - nearby Hotel RAMADA has one , 200 mtrs away from campus.


How good are the opportunities for people from IT Services background(TCS, Accenture, Cognizant, etc)?


30% of the batch are of those people only. FMCG companies don’t want these people to be honest.
Consulting is a way out though if you have good acads.


How good is the scope for IT Consulting at NITIE?


Awesome. Every other IT giant offers the role. You can go to pre sales , sales IT  role too.


Best combination of electives for people interested in IT Consulting?


Does not matter much. But can go for IT Management. IT Integration. Electives on ERP planning etc.


I've heard some people pick NITIE over IIM L/K/I. Is this true?


True except L . I know 5-6 people personally who left IIM I ,K


How different is ISEM from Nitie compared to the flagship mba program?


Course are different.
Placement is amazing as  batch size is 17. Every body gets placed within 2 days


What is the batch size and what profiles are offered?


IM around 240 , profiles are mainly in SCM, consultant, IT officer ,Sales etc


What are the salary ranges and top recruiters?


Consulting-  above 15 lakhs -22 lpa  Delloite ,EY, PWC,CBC,ABC ,KPMG

IT- 10-15 , GE , HUL IT , p&g IT etc 22 lpa avg , TCS, Wipro , 3M

FMCG- you name a top FMCG company we have it P&G, Marico, HUL, RB,ITC etc
19-28 lpa
E-commerce-  highest 39 lpa amazon , Madura , ABFRL , Shopclues etc


Any scope for long-term foreign work opportunity and if yes then how probable?


Does not depend on college. Depends on company. Summers there are 9-10 ppl every year going to foreign internships.  And new visa rules hamper foreign job scope.


Can students with 48 months work ex in core industry get operation consulting jobs?



B Leak : Please  compare –


NITIE Vs MDI,             NITIE ,I won’t invest 20 lakhs unless it’s a/B/C. simple

NITIE Vs NM ,              NITIE

NITIE Vs Rest New IIMs ,       NITIE

NITIE Vs SIBM,                      marketing SIBM, HR SIBM , rest NITIE

NITIE Vs SCHMRD ,             well , no point in comparing , HR wale SCMHRD jaye

NITIE Vs IITs                          IIT B might be for finance , mark. Baki IITs pas bhi ni ate


B Leaks : A decent acads (85+ ) and 97%ile in CAT (as appearing candidate – not cleared Graduation) ; whats your suggestion – NITIE or CAT 2017 for IIMs


CAT 17 - always take chances when you have time in hand.


B Leak : 36+ months IT work ex ??? What’s your suggestion, should he join NITIE?


Yes. - Go to other b schools, your condition will be far worse than it will be in NITIE.  


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should join NITIE ?


8.18 lakhs ------à avg 16 lakhs
Do the math.


B Leaks : Give me few reasons one should not join NITIE ?


Finance , marketing interests.


Thanks for your time :)