B Leaks : Hello , Share if you want anything special Which should must know aspirants


NMIMS STUDENT / ALUMNI :   I wanted to say 


1. The saying of having a workex before MBA is a myth and students should be aware of it. Never join a college with batch strength on the higher side if one is looking for a good placement


2. Never believe the placement reports and especially the average placement as there is a selected few companies which pull the average up...Most are normal average companies


3. Best companies are reserved for the placecomm committees senior and junior one...if one is going to a college with a big batch make sure that u get into the placement committee or u r doomed


4. Being a female is really a big advantage for those taking up marketing...as most of the companies looks for presentable girls... I repeat PRESENTABLE GIRLS....not persons with knowledge


5. If u r coming to a college with higher batch strength do have a thorough review of the college first and try and avoid colleges with no campus as they strain the balance and students are at the loss everytime


6. Have a talk with companies if u have contact to know where the college lies because being a tier 1 college many companies visits the campus and offers tier 2 roles...meaning u have to work under a IIM passout guy of the same year even if the ranking of the IIM is below urs college


B Leaks :  So can I say ; Be happy if all placecomer are placed ; now it’s your turn


NMIMS STUDENT / ALUMNI: The issue is the placecommers get placed in the best of companies so in a way if some companies comes after 1 month...there will be a few placecommers JPCs who will be unplaced till date

and this fact has even been acknowledged by companies who said it openly in the public



B Leaks :And especially when it comes to NMIMS - Placement report seems to be a fictional story What’s your take


NMIMS STUDENT / ALUMNI : Its a scifi movie...the companies are there but the average and mean placement amount is hugely diverted and then again... the best companies are allocated to the Placecommers... even ur dean will keep mum


B Leaks : Even this year PPOs are less ; is the same with NM


NMIMS STUDENT / ALUMNI : Yup...PPOs are less this year, though thats the trend everywhere

and yes...MICA AND SIBM PUNE....so any day those 2 colleges are better....i can vouch for that now


B Leaks :  NMIMS is also good for marketing; except the RoI, So you are saying one should join SIBM SCMHRD MICA and other few IIMs rather NMIMS


NMIMS STUDENT / ALUMNI : Yes absolutely....always go for a college with lower batch strength if its within a range of +-5; with an acad of 80+ through out ; go for a college with lower batch strength anyday

And the average...real average of NM is hardly 11 lpa....hardly


and yes one more thing...the students should either join the placecomm or make friends with fellow placecommers because the next year finals will be somewhat handled by them




B Leaks :  This is below the belt


NMIMS STUDENT / ALUMNI I know sir...but thats the harsh truth, one should know all these before joining a college... If i knew it I wouldnt have regretted my decission of joing it now


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21st sep 2017