B Leaks : First of All Thank you for giving your time to B Leaks. I Hope you are doing great.

We know SCMHRD is one of the best B-School of India. but please answer all questions considering average placements and profiles...!!!


B Leaks : How’s life at SCMHRD ?


Life is quite eventful at SCMHRD.


There is a 3 days out-bound-learning course as soon as the session begins which is followed by a 3 day Art of Living course, both conducted at locations outside Pune.

Academics follow. Lectures from 9.20am to 10.30pm at times. We had lectures on almost every Sunday, even on Republic day.


There are celebrations for almost every festival; Durga Puja, Holi, Makarsankranti, Lohri etc.

However, hostels are okayish. Mess food is not so good.


A lot many recreational hangout joints around the campus as well.


B Leaks : How’s classroom experience of SCMHRD ? Are internal profs are good ?


Some of the internal faculties are extremely good. However, a few are average.

We have awesome visiting faculties from IIM C, IIM A, SPJain, IIFT etc who take all the lectures of a good number of courses.


We have guest lectures taken by eminent personalities from RBI, Vodafone CGO, Director of South Asia Region of Turner International, Business Development Head of Zivame etc.

Panel discussions are also organized throughout the semester.


We do have a lot of freedom in selecting the electives and hence design the course as per our interests.



B Leaks : What’s your take on – “36+ months work ex is a sin for B – Schools (except few)” is this same for SCMHRD


A big NO. The college is ideal for students with a work ex not more than 24-28 months.


B Leaks : Which one is the best stream of SCMHRD (Marketing, HR, IT , Fin , Ops or general MBA/PGP) In terms of summers / placements / classroom


HR is great at SCMHRD. A good number of companies offering huge stipend and good roles come to campus.


Marketing is also very good at SCMHRD. We have many FMCGs coming to our campus. Almost all the FMCGs going to NMIMS, SIBM, IIFT also come at SCMHRD for recruitment in marketing and HR. Roles offered are a mix of sales and marketing roles.  There are also many companies offering B2B Marketing roles.


For finance, a very low batch size(23 students) favours them in placement. Companies like Axis Bank, Yes Bank, JP Morgan, DBS etc visit our campus offering good roles.


The college is not very good for ops and would not recommend someone to join SCMHRD for ops.


B Leaks : I heard that – students are not serious in the study but do masti after joining SCHMRD. Is it true ?


Students of Finance and Ops are way too serious and are always engaged in academic activities to make utmost use of lesser opportunities available for them.


HR as a curriculum is relatively easy and requires lesser efforts.


A good number of students of marketing are involved in “Masti”. However, there are many students as well who pay attention towards the curriculum.


B Leaks : In top B Schools, it is generally considered that IITians or students having Work Ex from Consultancy or Big Firms are having added advantage in terms of selection of profiles during summers and placements. IS IT TRUE FOR SCMHRD too ?? How’s life for an average or below average students at SCMHRD ???


This is not the case in SCMHRD.


In SCMHRD, there are students who might not be from IIT or NIT, but have a very strong profile with 90+ acads in 10th, 12th and undergrad. A good number of students have 80+acads throuout. Also there are many students who have won national level accolades in sports/extracurricular activities which gives them an added advantage in terms of shortlistings and subsequently placements.


B Leaks : What’s your take on  Life of an experience profile  (36+ months) vs fresher vs 12-24 months experience in SCMHRD ??? Answer in general and profile shortlisting


Great for freshers with good acads(75-80+ throughout), many opportunities for a student with 12-24 months as well, NO for those with work exp>36 months.


B Leaks : Is profile shortlisting and placement is a luck ??? (Since few unexpected profile is shortlisted and finally placed )


To some extent, YES. Profile shortlisting and placements depend upon luck. It completely depends upon the company what exactly it is looking for. Some companies prefer engineers, some don’t, companies offering HR roles have an inclination towards law graduates etc. However, any student with good acads gets every other shortlists, the final conversion into placement depends upon the caliber of the student.


B Leaks : Does it becomes difficult for people with weak profile to survive in SCMHRD??


I would rather say that any student with a weak profile in a good B-school will face survival issues.


B Leaks:  According to you what is the ideal profile for SCMHRD


Experience<20 months, 75+ acads backed by certain number of acheivements.


B Leaks : How’s placement of 2016 – 17 batch? Top 10 and bottom 10


The placements for 2016-17 batch had been relatively poor when compared to previous year. However similar issues were faced by other B-schools due to fluctuations in market. Placements are expected to be better 2017-18 due to better market stability.


Not aware regarding data for top 10 and bottom 10.


B Leaks : Are the placement policies skewed towards people with strong profile offering them multiple choices at the cost of the placement of the students with weak profiles? Since we have heard that placement / package is based on profile / work ex


Preliminary shortlists are completely skewed towards students with strong profiles. However, once shortlisted, the more important parameters are GD and final PI.


Would like to take few questions of Aspirants (We have shared a doc when they can ask questions) :


Aspirant :   How can a person with 33 months experience in sales and business development benefit the most in learning as well as placements?


Learning would great for every student at SCMHRD. However the aspirant will struggle during placements. Rest assured, the aspirant gets placed, but not in a good company as others.


Aspirant : Is it possible change the domain ? I am from and IT dont want to go back to hard core it but open to managerial roles in IT.


Yes, domain shift is easily possible. A lot many IT engineers have bagged quality roles with high packages in marketing and sales, finance, operations etc


Even the roles offered by IT companies are managerial roles and not technical IT roles.



B Leaks : Please compare these set of colleges and answer which one is best  (in terms of RoI , exposure , stream wise, placement, life ), please give one liner explanation

SCMHRD VS IMT- SCMHRD; smaller batch size, similar companies, similar roles (be it marketing/finance/operations). Although the word goes that IMT is better for marketing, with respect to the low batch size and alomost similar companies, SCMHRD turn out to be better.

SCMHRD Vs SIBM- Both are at par with each other in terms of placements. However, SIBM has a much better campus life and better industrial relations.

SCMHRD Vs XIMB- SCMHRD low batch size, companies with better roles, locational advantage.

SCMHRD Vs NMIMS- SCMHRD, low fee, good ROI. For marketing, SCMHRD>> low batch size, similar companies, similar roles; For HR, SCMHRD (no explanations requried); For finance, NMIMS hands down, alothough the batch size of NMIMS is huge, the opportunities for finance are better; For ops, no for SCMHRD, cannot comment for NMIMS.

SCMHRD Vs NEW IIMs; SCMHRD, Better industrial relations, better companies offering much better roles.



B Leaks : Arrange these B-schools  in descending order of your choice , XLRI, MDI, TISS, SCMHRD, NMINNS, IMT




Not really aware about scenario of Operations at other colleges.