• A B School that few people have taken admission into without having a clear knowledge about. 


  • Half of the crowd here is from Odisha owing to 50% Reservation for them under domicile quota. Hence less geographical diversity.


  • People not from Odisha don't know in depth about the institute.


  • This is for your information that Odisha despite being one of the industrial states, XIMB still faces location disadvantage.


  • There are 2 campuses, the main campus is present in the heart of Bhubaneswar, hosts all the second year students + BM  students, the campus that is 35 kms away has RM and HRM students of 1st year.


  • Academic fees is 22 lakhs, other mess and miscellaneous personal costs for 2 years will shoot OA cost 


  • Not saying it's a bad college at all. But it's tough for a fresher here and the ROI is abysmal.



STUDENT 1 : XIMB has always been at a disadvantage because of the location and lack of corporates in Bhubaneswar and nearby cities.


After the routine companies get exhausted, local companies come to recruit. This is when XIMB faces a problem.


Other than that, I think XIMB is better than IMI in all other respects...better faculties. Strong alumni base (this is important) and better brand.


The quality of Students might be a problem due to the 50% domicile quota. But at the end, it doesn't matter...which is evident from the results (many domicile students are gold medal recipients).


The ROI is less... This is true. But all private MBA schools are equally increasing their fees. And as far as freshers are concerned, I think it's better for them to join any B-school...not just XIMB.

Because even after 2-3 years of workex there is no guarantee that one will get a better package than a fresher.


There have been many such cases where freshers are getting a package double that of an experienced guy. It's all a matter of luck.


As per the placement stats, it's around 10 or less who are yet to be placed but placecom is still working on it and is expected to go on till the month end atleast.


The scenario has been shoddy across all B-school this year. I bet IMI, IMT and even IIM Indore didn't have 100% placement this year.


In the end, it's just a stroke of luck in which company you are getting placed and in what package...because just 10 mins of interview is never sufficient enough to judge the quality of a student.


One thing I realised.. - Except the top 10 B-schools, it's not worth it if you consider ROI alone


MBA has become a cliche these days just like engineering... So quality has to decrease


And students after MBA don't even realise that they are getting into jobs which are not at all MBA jobs but technical jobs - And even after 2 years of MBA, people can't answer "why MBA"? 😀



STUDENT 2 : Placements are 'good' or 'bad' is relative sir, an opinion basis.


Freshers and Experienced candidates both can and do get best of the roles IFF they work hard on their soft skills, subjects, competitions, case studies with vigour.


I don't know about these "other costs". Yeah the fees is tad bit higher if you compare across Symbiosis and IITs and lower than Nmims etc.


ROI depends on what kind of placement you secure. I think expectations of paying off loan within 2-3 years is not correct (for the average placed student) unless students can crack iim ABC etc, although people who crack 20+ packages may be able to do so.


The averages for package are not true again.


Onwards this year, the main campus, called the "Old campus" as per XiMB ians, will house both 1st and 2nd year Business Management students.


All places except the major cities do face a location disadvantage, naturally if you took admission in colleges with lesser CAT/XAT cutoffs but are in Bangalore/Mumbai, they will enjoy a location advantage.


Geographical diversity "less"? Less or more depends on the batch strength too. 180ish students are from outside Odisha. XIMB is jointly managed by the government and the Jesuit Society in Odisha, thus the 'reservation'.


Just making a statement of 50% reservation doesn't give true insights. That 50% has at least scored above the cutoff for Odisha(around 80%ile in 2016). IIM A,B,C all have to the tune of 50% reservations (scoring much below 80%ile in CAT) as well when General seats are compared with OBC+SC+ST+General.


Around 190/380 is what I believe was last year in IIM A, aspirants can check online for this year's statistics.


The highest package, which was to the tune of 28-30lpa (I believe), was cracked by a fresher. And judging a fresher or an experienced candidate's ability due to the years in workex is not fair on the part of MBA aspirants, and companies don't do that too.


Most of the roles are open for both, and the ones with 'relevant experience' do get an extra increase on their CTC as per negotiation rounds.


My case is such that of a GEM with 18+ months of work experience, and I chose XiMB over NMIMS and SIBM. I have 90+/80+/60+ (10/12/grad) scores. I don't have experience in a big brand; slogged in College to get the best education in my head, as well as all experiences I could give my time to @XiMB. Have secured 13+Lpa in Big4. My neighbor and best friend in college, GEM fresher, secured 15+Lpa in Big4. I believe it's all about the efforts you put in, given the opportunities.


STUDENT 3 : In general. I agree with the location factor that is a disadvantage.


Batch quality is an advantage.


Acads , specially finance is good. Marketing profs not that good. case studies .Great opportunities are way better than new iims.


In general, there are n number of distractions but if anyone is a little focused u can get a good MBA experience.


I have told this to anyone who has approached me. If u can crack a good sip in the beginning ximb will be fruitful. If u chill and think u are in a top iim and everything will come to you, then you will be very frustrated


Mind you. HUL lime has a campus ppi in XIMB. Very few colleges in India get that...even MWR we have great participation.


If u are a non domicile..and think u have a good profile u are good to go. And alumn base bahut strong hain


ALUMNI 1 :  - The administration is after money & wants to loot money from the students - They are hungry for power & money




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